3 Things Your Tarot Reading May Be Telling You About Your Business


Tarot has been around for hundreds of years, and millions of people all over the world use decks for a variety of purposes every day. Most historians believe tarot started out as a card game in the 15th century. The cards have evolved significantly in their usage over time, and they have become known as tools for divination among believers. While there is a lot of debate about their usefulness or accuracy, tarot can be useful for looking at situations from a different perspective or gaining insight into what your next steps should be on a project, which can be extremely beneficial in work and in business. If you’re unfamiliar with tarot or aren’t sure how to interpret a tarot spread, keep reading to learn about three things your tarot cards might be telling you about your business.

1. It may be time to invest.



If the Ace of Pentacles showed up in your reading, it may be signaling that a new financial venture is on the horizon for you. Whether you’re interested in finding the best penny stocks 2021 or looking for larger investment opportunities, having the Ace of Pentacles appear might mean it’s time to make a financial move. If you’re someone who has a career involving stocks or being a trader, this card can be a vote of confidence for trusting your instincts when it comes to your finances in the near future.

The Eight of Pentacles is also a card that is associated with work and the idea of perseverance. It relates to industry and particularly to the idea of our own industriousness. It is often interpreted as meaning that hard work done now will be rewarded in the future and that you should continue down the path that you’re on.

2. Start a new project.



The Empress tarot card is often connected to life, femininity, and the birth of both people and things, so a new beginning may be on the way if you see the Empress. The energy of the Empress is directly tied to the idea of creation, which can be a positive sign if you were planning on starting a new business or new project. Because the Empress is a card within the major arcana, the events that are related to her appearance are often larger and more significant than events heralded by cards in the minor arcana.

3. Don’t neglect networking.



If you see the suit of Cups in your reading, you may want to think more about the social and emotional side of business. The Three of Cups often signifies a meeting between friends and can signify the start of a creative collaboration or partnership. While hard work is the backbone of any successful business, the reality is that no one succeeds alone. Finding allies or friends with who you can team up is essential if you want to create or be a part of a dynamic and profitable business.

Tarot has a rich history and millions of people all over both the U.S. and the world use tarot cards on a daily basis. Some use them as a part of religious traditions, others use them for the purpose of divination, and many people experiment with their own tarot deck out of sheer curiosity. If you’re dealing with a work-related situation that has you frustrated, a tarot reading may be able to give you the tools you need to analyze your situation in a different way. Take the time to think about your reading and what the cards may be trying to tell you. While you shouldn’t make major business decisions based solely on a tarot reading, checking in with yourself using a tarot deck can help provide guidance and give you a new perspective on the next steps of your journey.

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