5 Ways an Investor Visa Makes the Best Immigration Route for Italy


If Italian immigration is on your mind, there are several reasons to feel good. Italy is among the best countries to live and work in. Besides an incredible lifestyle and lucrative financial opportunities, it offers quality education and healthcare facilities. Not surprisingly, young families, retirees, and professionals are in the race for Italian immigration. Another great thing about the country is it offers diverse immigration routes such as descent, marriage, and naturalization. You may also explore the investor visa route. All you need to do is click on this Mbersanilaw.com for more details on the process. Let us explain why it makes the best options for immigration aspirants.

Eligibility requirements are minimal

Although citizenship by descent and marriage are popular, not everyone can qualify for them. After all, you cannot do anything about your bloodline or marry an Italian to get through. Luckily, an investor visa covers you because it has minimum eligibility requirements. The only norms include-

  • Anyone over 18 years can apply
  • You have to be in a sound state of health
  • You must have a flawless police record
  • You should have adequate financial resources

Invest according to your capacity

While money is the mainstay of an investor visa, you still have the flexibility to invest according to your capacity. You have to buy your way in but spend only as much as possible. It makes the route financially viable. Here are the investment alternatives you can consider to get an investor visa-

  • €250,000 in an innovative startup
  • €500,000 in an established business
  • €1 million as a philanthropic donation
  • €2 million worth of Italian government bonds

Short and simple process

Another great thing about the investor visa route is the simplicity of the process. You only have to pursue two steps to complete it. The first step is an online application for a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta) that verifies your investment capacity through documentation. Once you have it, you can proceed with the second step and apply for an investor visa at your local consulate. The entire process generally takes only a few months to complete.

Get funds only after a residence permit

Although you may have to bring in considerable investment for this route, your funds are safe. You need only bank proof initially to obtain your nulla osta. The funds have to come only after landing in Italy with your visa and converting it to residence status. You have a three-month period to complete the formalities. It means you need not worry about the safety of your money throughout the process.

Become a citizen eventually

If you have a long-term vision of Italian citizenship, an investor visa is the first step to getting there. You get a two-year residence status to start with. It converts into a permanent residence status after five years. Eventually, you qualify for citizenship by naturalization after a decade. All these years, you have the same rights and benefits as any other resident of the country.

The Italian investor visa serves as your gateway to citizenship, provided you know the roadmap from start. Get the assistance of an expert professional to complete the journey seamlessly.

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