Winter is around the corner and so is the cozy and warm feeling of snuggling up in the blanket. Along with the pleasing feeling of cold weather outside, the excitement of taking time off from regular life is very inviting. As you get time for yourself, your mind gets flooded with creative ideas such as learning something new, DIY projects, home decors, origami, and much more to utilize this time.

To be at home means you can get crazy with your ideas and can do a home and garden makeover you always wished for.

As Suzzane Tucker puts it- ‘as we Evolve, our homes should too’, winter cozy vibes calls for an aesthetic home makeover.

Scented candles:

Winter is all about being warm and lots of sweets. You can get a step ahead with sweetness by decorating your home with sweet-scented candles and can enjoy an aroma filled with calmness and serenity. Moreover, scented candles are great for aromatherapy to release stress. Though remember to be careful while lighting a candle when your kids or pets are around.

Add colors and rich texture:

The colors and high textures are what defines the winter season. Using a dark color scheme in rooms creates a cozy and aesthetically pleasing look while using subtle colors with rich texture enhances the comfort of living rooms. The reason behind adding all these different colors and texture is to evoke emotions and to add some charm.

Add Greenery:

Greenery makes everything very pleasing to the eyes. You can add small plants in your room or living area to make home décor beautiful. If you have a lawn you can do some gardening, plant some flowers, fertilize its soil or do lawn irrigation. Specialists at Allen Outdoor Solutions advise testing the soil to check it’s fertility before planting any new flora. Lush green gardens make your home look gorgeous and vibrant and also help in improving the air quality by trapping dust and other particles.

Enhance entrance:

Make your entrance appealing by adding a coat rack or hooks. You can also add flower pots in the corner to enhance the appeal. So that every time someone visits your house they feel comfortable and at home.

Add a layer of comfort:

Decorate your room, couch area with extra blankets and pillows. It adds up to your comfort and warmth and also syncs in with the season’s mood.

Brighten up your house and garden:

You can use various lights to brighten up your rooms and garden. If you have enough space in your house you can even upgrade it with a fireplace.

Personalize the walls:

Winter also indicates the festive season. You can decorate your walls by personalizing it. Your wall is your canvas and you can use your imagination to enhance it. Hang some handmade paintings or pictures of your friends and family. Use some fairy lights, dreamcatcher, or windchime to beautify your walls.

You can just go with the flow using your imagination to do aesthetic decors. Winter is the time when you can spend some quality time and can fulfill your insightful visions. Home and garden décor is not just a way to use the extra time you have but it also helps you relax.


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