Congressman Brady Leads Bipartisan Texas Delegation Members to Call for Immediate Passage of USMCA

Recently Congressman Kevin Brady (TX-08) joined Congressmen Henry Cuellar (TX-28) and Jodey Arrington (TX-19) to lead a bipartisan group of Texas representatives outside the U.S. Capitol to emphasize the importance of trade to the state of Texas and to call for the immediate passage of the United States – Mexico – Canada agreement (USMCA).

Joining Congressmen Brady and Cuellar were Representatives Gohmert (TX-1), Crenshaw (TX-2), Taylor (TX-3), Wright (TX-6), Conaway (TX-11), Granger (TX-12), Weber (TX-14), Flores (TX-17), Roy (TX-21), Olson (TX-22), Hurd (TX-23), Marchant (TX-24), Williams (TX-25), Cloud (TX-27), and Babin (TX-36).

On the importance of USMCA to Texas:

“Texas is made for trade. No state sells or ships more around the world than we do. We have nearly a million Texas workers dependent upon trade, and a new modern trade agreement with Mexico and Canada is good for job growth, it’s good for small businesses, it’s good for our ranchers and farmers, and it’s good for the United States of America.”

On the bipartisan support for USMCA:

“We have worked together as a delegation to create bipartisan support for this agreement and to pass it through the House and Congress this year. We believe that no state will gain more from this agreement than Texas, and no state has more to lose if it doesn’t pass than our state. Which is why we believe that there should be unanimous support for this agreement from Texas lawmakers here in Congress.”

On the timeline to pass USMCA:

“The Ways & Means Committee has the time and the schedule to be able to move this agreement to the House floor and out before the end of the year. We’re waiting for the green light from Speaker Pelosi, and for the president to send it. Negotiations and discussions, which continued through Thanksgiving, I think were very constructive. I think one, it’s very close, two, we have the time to do this, and three, at the end of the day, this is a win for the American people, a win for workers, for agriculture, for all that. That’s where we ought to focus. Are we worried that impeachment will delay or knock this important agreement off? Yes, but I also think it’s crucially important for the country that we move this bill now.


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