Huntkey Launches Sales Event


Huntkey, a leading global provider of power solutions, has launched its sales event for its PC monitors in Jordan. The event is operated by Computer Service Express, a business partner of Huntkey, and is targeted at end-users by giving away a universal power strip – the SZM401 – for free to them if they buy a PC monitor.

End-users who buy a Huntkey monitor, no matter what model it is, can get a power strip for free. The event covers a wide range of Huntkey monitors, including curved gaming monitors X2471C and X3271CK. Other models like M2471WH, M2771WH, N2271WH and E1971WH are also included.

The SZM401 is a universal power strip which is a worldwide popular item from Huntkey’s power strip category. It is equipped with 4 universal sockets and 1 master switch to support charging for 4 different devices simultaneously. It is simple, stylish and available in two color options, white and black. It is also guaranteed with a 3-year warranty.

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