Israel’s Tactics Will be Seen as “Forcing” Hamas to End the Truce


There is no doubt that the truce between Israel and Hamas is temporary. Nobody can blame Israel for wanting to eliminate Hamas as an existential threat to its country.  Thanks to the truce, though, many hostages in Gaza have been freed and Israel continues to work to have more returned. However, the Israeli government has made it clear — then the exchanges ends, so will the ceasefire.

Below is a video of a spokesperson of the Israeli government. In it, he says repeatedly that, when the exchanges end the war begins again. See .37 in the video below.

He also notes that the only thing that keeps this ceasefire — or more accurately, pause — in place is the exchange of prisoners. Once they stop sending hostages back, Israel will resume the war.

Israel’s transparency and objectives are moral and just. But the language they are using is pressuring Hamas to stop the pause and to resume the war. Giving up all the hostages with the requirements established by Israel doesn’t make sense to a ruthless gang of murderers like Hamas.

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