J.L. Hancock Commentary Feature on the Price of Business Digital Network

J.L. “Jim” Hancock was born in Albuquerque, NM. He has worked as a martial arts instructor, lifeguard, foreign missionary, and river guide. In 2002, he enlisted in the Navy and spent twenty years as a cryptologist.

During his time in the military, Jim toiled away in the dark corners of the government intelligence communities, learned two Asian languages, and eventually conducted over one hundred combat operations with special operations forces in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Philippines. During the last six years of his career, he worked as the senior enlisted advisor over future concepts and innovation for the Navy special operations community where he became a well-known subject matter expert in unmanned systems, 5G, and artificial intelligence.

He is presently writing a series and a standalone novel.

The Voodoo series involves a skilled military technician facing the evolving global threat of an international arms race for artificial intelligence.

His upcoming standalone novel, The Devil and the Pendulum, is a modern riff on The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. But instead of demons learning to tempt man, The Devil and the Pendulum consists of Russian agents learning to manipulate modern America.

J.L. Hancock lives in San Diego, CA, with his wife and two children.

You can find out more about emerging tech trends at his website https://jlhancock.com. You can also purchase his recent technothriller, The Hawk Enigma, on Amazon.


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