Leading Defense Attorney’s New Feature, “Justice and the Law with J.L. Carpenter”


Famed Defense Attorney J.L. Carpenter

The Price of Business Digital Network and The Daily Blaze (which is part of that network) are proud to announce a new series of interviews called “Justice and the Law with J.L. Carpenter.”  In this ongoing series, Carpenter and Kevin Price of the Price Business Show will be discussing major headline crime stories, provide background and context to your favorite true crime documentaries, and provide commentary on breaking crime stories.

The J.L. Carpenter Interviews

J.L Carpenter is a Houston, Texas area attorney with a national reputation.  She is “a Native Houstonian and a former prosecutor.  J.L. Carpenter began her defense practice in 2006 and since has defended thousands of clients including three high profile trials in Houston. J.L. also aids clients in finding sobriety and works with folks in recovery outside of her legal practice.”

PriceofBusiness.com notes: “J.L. Carpenter has worked both sides of the aisle, prosecuting and defending people facing criminal charges. In addition to gaining trial experience as a prosecutor, Attorney Carpenter has trained under highly skilled defense lawyers.

“In 2006, J.L. Carpenter worked alongside the Honorable Craig A. Washington in United States v. Tyrone Mapletoft Williams what became known as the truck driver case. In 2008, Lawyer Carpenter also assisted Attorney Chip B. Lewis in the State of Texas v. Timothy Shepherd a highly publicized murder trial in Harris County, Texas.”

Learn more about her and her firm. 

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