Migena Agaraj’s Empowering Journey: Celebrating “Powerful Female Immigrants”



Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, and show contributor Chris Kidd interviewed Migena Agaraj.

In a world where diversity and empowerment are becoming increasingly crucial, there are certain individuals who stand out for their exceptional contributions to society.

During this engaging segment of the Price of Business, the dynamic duo of host Kevin Price and co-host Chris Kidd delve into the extraordinary journey of their special guest, Migena Agaraj. Together, they explore her inspiring story and experiences, making for a compelling and thought-provoking discussion.

Migena Agaraj, an accomplished author and advocate, is one such remarkable woman whose upcoming book, “Powerful Female Immigrants,” promises to inspire and enlighten readers. Scheduled to be launched in October 2023, Migena aims to shed light on the remarkable stories of immigrant women who have defied all odds to make their mark on American society.

Migena Agaraj, a first-generation immigrant herself, has always been passionate about advocating for the rights and recognition of immigrant communities. Born in Albania, she faced her own share of struggles when she moved to the United States seeking a better life. However, her determination and drive propelled her to overcome barriers, leading her to become a successful entrepreneur, author, and influential public speaker.

Her latest book, “Powerful Female Immigrants,” is a celebration of strength, diversity, and the unyielding spirit of immigrant women. Through a collection of inspiring narratives, Migena brings to light the stories of extraordinary women who have made significant contributions to American society in various fields. By sharing these accounts, she hopes to challenge stereotypes and biases surrounding immigrants while uplifting the voices of these powerful women.

Migena Agaraj’s participation as a contributor on America’s Real Deal with Marie Osmond marks a significant milestone in her journey to advocate for immigrant rights and female empowerment. The platform of America’s Real Deal allows her to reach a broader audience and share her insights and experiences, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the struggles and achievements of immigrant women.

The show, hosted by the renowned Marie Osmond, focuses on highlighting promising entrepreneurs and influential individuals whose work has positively impacted society. With Migena’s presence on the show, she will not only showcase the inspiring tales from her book but also serve as a living testament to the potential of immigrants in contributing to the fabric of America’s diverse society.

Through her book and appearances, Migena Agaraj is determined to expose stereotypes and challenge preconceived notions about immigrants. She firmly believes that immigration is a cornerstone of America’s strength and dynamism, and the contributions of immigrant women play a vital role in shaping the nation’s future.

Migena Agaraj’s unwavering commitment to uplifting immigrant voices and recognizing their immense potential serves as an inspiration for all. Her advocacy for empowering women and embracing diversity reminds us that together, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate society that thrives on the strength of its people, regardless of their background or origin. As we eagerly await the release of “Powerful Female Immigrants” in October 2023, let us first be inspired by Migena’s journey and the impact she is making on the world by listening on this engaging segment of the Price of Business show.


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