Neither Fox nor Tucker Carlson Was Prepared for His Demise



Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed filmmaker Warren D. Robinson (image below).

What has been made clear in the weeks since Fox News parted ways with its top rated host, Tucker Carlson, is that there was no plan in place for his removal. Equally as clear is that Carlson himself also appears to have had no backup plan for his removal either.  Since letting Carlson go, Fox has had a slew of guest hosts, other Fox news personalities, who have not managed to move the ratings needle while Carlson has announced his intention to launch a new web based show possible on Twitter. “This should prove definitively that Fox had no plans to fire Carlson”, says entertainment executive, producer and attorney Warren D. Robinson, “it was a hastily made decision (likely with good cause) and they had no successor or media plan in place.” Robinson believes Fox is in a tough position about how to best fill the 8:00 pm hour. “Since Carlson left, advertisers have returned to 8:00 pm but the ratings (and thus the amount they can charge) have decreased.”  Robinson says, “So they have to find another firebrand personality who can rally viewers while not running advertisers away, that’s a very delicate balance, made even tougher given Fox’s reliance on subscriber fees thus their need for high ratings.” As for Carlson, Robinson doesn’t believe he will maintain the same impact via twitter, he says, “history shows us that without the Fox platform these personalities don’t maintain the same level of influence they once had. Look at Megyn Kelly, Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly just to name a few, still active but on a much smaller scale. This is looking likely for Tucker Carlson as well.”


According to a statement, “Entertainment executive and producer, Warren D. Robinson believes that when organizations are willing to have open and honest conversations about race and their own bias they can commit to meaningful change. We have seen this recently in the form of Hollywood award shows, particularly, the Grammys and the Academy Awards (Oscars). The Recording Academy and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have both taken concrete steps to diversify their ranks and address inherit biases in their voting processes. As a result we have the most diverse crop of award winners/nominees, respectively, we’ve ever seen. Contrast that with the scandal and production shutdown currently at CBS’s The Talk, which resulted because a co-host was unable to properly engage in a conversation about race, address her own bias and commit to doing better. ‘The key part to every conversation’ Warren says, ‘starts with listening. Listening and hearing are different and if you are unable to listen then you are unable to have a conversation.’

“Warren D. Robinson, is an avid and accomplished entertainment executive, motivational speaker, host, life coach and award winning producer who created the wildly popular series, Buried by the Bernards, which is currently streaming on Netflix.


“Warren has served as an entertainment consultant, manager and producer, facilitating, appearing and negotiating high powered deals on behalf of his clients in front of such companies as: Warner Brothers, BET, CNN, Freemantle, Best Buy, TV ONE, Netflix, Lifetime, Fox News, WE TV, E!, NBC Universal, Viacom and more. In addition, Warren’s entertainment prowess includes coordinating, partnering and/or producing events for: legendary actress Pam Grier, Taraji P Henson, Gabrielle Union, Vivica A Fox, Soul singer Eddie Levert (of the O’Jays), Comedian Mike Epps, Angie Stone, Flavor Flav, the Indianapolis Colts, Donna Joyner-Richardson, Stephanie Mills, Erykah Badu and Tom Joyner among others. Warren graduated from Indiana University (B.A.-Political Science) and Howard University School Of Law (J.D.).”

Learn more about Warren D. Robinson and his work here.


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