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Little is known about pastors and business. But for this licensed pastor and an MBA holder, nothing could stop him from exploring the entrepreneurial field and bringing significant impact. His name is Cole Taylor. Cole is a ‘man of the cloth’ who holds multiple titles. Besides, he is a performance and health coach for entrepreneurs and business people.

Additionally, Cole is an ex-D1 athlete and a certified personal trainer. This talented man has also spoken and musically performed in front of crowds of over 30,000. His gifts help him assist people to find more in every area of their lives. 

Empowering Others

Cole Taylor is passionate about pushing people to do better. The loss he had gone through in his life drives this passion. He wanted to give back as an honor of those who made him go through challenging times. He wanted to empower others to find inner satisfaction. Cole believes that having inner focus can lead to satisfaction. That is why he wanted to help other people transform inside-out. In helping them, Cole emphasizes the need for them to carry themselves with dignity, passion, hard work and a self belief. Cole also says that how you speak and your perspective of things can help you transform. Cole also emphasizes the need to balance your time on essential things if you want to be a better person. 

Working With Hundreds Of Successful Businessmen And Entrepreneurs

It never ceases to amaze how people waste time searching for magical shortcuts to entrepreneurial success and fulfillment. The truth is that success does not just happen; you create it. Cole Taylor walks alongside hundreds of men, helping them become business leaders and coveted fathers and great men of valor. He trains them to challenge themselves, be passionate about their work, take risks, trust themselves and reduce fear. He also teaches them to visualize their goals and spend time on essential tasks. 

Cole Taylor’s coaching will help you become the man you were called to be and create more in every area while maximizing your time and efficiency. 

Founding Multiple Successful Companies That Helps Others

Cole’s journey to finding more in his life has not been a walk in the park. However, he achieved satisfaction when he finally founded multiple companies and was well-positioned to help people discover themselves.

At first, everything seemed difficult. Cole always looked like he was happy, fulfilled, and successful. But the truth of the matter was that he was finding everything frustrating and empty. All his past achievements could not help find the joy that he wanted to have. To make matters worse, the loss of his parents and loved ones seemed to be adding salt to the wound. What was going to give Cole Taylor peace and long-lasting satisfaction? 

It was all about discovering self. Cole finally decided to look inside his life and face all his challenges head-on. He redefined himself, confronted his pains, and put to a stop the ‘failure belief.’ He founded multiple companies. Chief among his mission was to help people discover their potential and be their best selves. One of his companies is The Starting Line. This company has people build the body of their dreams, maximize their time, scale their businesses and find balance in their relationships. 

Cole Taylor’s businesses are doing well with profit margins of about 90%. He has over a thousand prospects and about a hundred turn into interested leads. He enjoys a closing rate of about 70-80%, and his businesses are expanding every day. But the big question is, who could have expected such tremendous success from a pastor? 

For more about building yourself into the person you want to be, whether physically, spiritually, financially, or in any area, then Cole Taylor is your number one choice. You can connect to him on Instagram. 

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