A leader’s actions set an example for their employees. You can shape your company culture by promoting good habits and encouraging staff to maximize their time with simple time management tips to enhance efficiency.

While the demands on a leader are extensive, teaching your team to manage time wisely is a worthwhile investment. Time management challenges often result from a lack of leadership. Without the right guidance, your team may struggle with prioritization, managing workload and being proactive.

You can motivate your employees make the maximize their time by employing several strategies from HJR Global.

1. Know How Employees Are Spending Their Time

To start making changes, it’s important to figure out what your team’s average day looks like. You would be surprised to learn how much time is wasted on unproductive tasks. Ask your employees to track all of their activities for a week. This will help them gain a better understanding of the areas they can improve.

You should make it clear that these results will not be shared or used for performance reviews, so they should be candid and include breaks, distractions and multitasking. There are lots of apps that record time spent on different online activities if employees need help tracking personal time management.

To track time efficiently, it’s important to identify and examine personal patterns. At the end each week, employees should reflect on whether their record reflects their goals. Their vital work should have a prominent place in their weekly schedule. If they didn’t spend much time on their most prominent work, you can work together with them to understand how to improve.

2. Try To Cut Out “Busy Work”

Find the opportunities to address your team’s time management challenges. How often is your team focusing on multitasking? Encourage your team to delegate tasks or use smart technology to manage the routine activities that reduce efficiency. Does your team feel rushed when working on major projects? If so, their schedule may need to be re-prioritized.

There are probably some tasks on your team’s calendar that they don’t need to be focused on at all. To make sure your team isn’t concentrating on activities that waste time, ask them to track their schedule for a fortnight and get rid of non-essential meetings and other activities that don’t fit in with the goals of the team. Don’t stop there just stop there though. Encourage your team to find activities to fill those time gaps that move your team toward the goals that drive them.

Meetings are an essential part of moving business forward, but they can be a distraction from tasks that need to be accomplished. You can cut out wasted time by asking your team to be mindful of each other’s time and by rethinking your company’s approach to meetings. Because many meetings are inefficient and lack a clear purpose, each meeting should be driven by a list of objectives to keep the team focused on the tasks at hand and to avoid poor time management skills as a team.

Designate a note-taker and make sure that they provide a short memo or summary of what was discussed in the meeting. This will help everyone to be on the same page and reduce the amount of time spent on the same information next time.

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