What’s not to love about the exciting world of Fortnite? This multi-player phenomenon has taken the gaming world by storm. With a whopping 250 million people currently playing this game, the count only increases by the day! But what is it about Fortnite that’s got it topping the gaming charts? What sets it apart from so many other amazing shooter games in the market? Let’s find out!  


Superheroes & Other Fictional References 

Fortnite brings in references of various movies, action heroes, comics and other fictional characters. This captivates the interest of gamers and brings an element of realism into the mix. From the superhero Batman to the Netflix super-hit Stranger Things, there’s something in it for everyone! What’s more, a fan of these pop culture icons may try their hand at Fortnite just out of love for their favourite fictional character and get hooked onto the game thereafter!


Accessible On All Devices

What’s led to Fortnite’s increased popularity is the fact that it is accessible on all devices. Many leading shooter games are exclusively available on Xbox or PlayStation products, limiting player base. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Fortnite. You can enjoy this game with all your friends, no matter which device they use! All you need is a device, internet connection and boom! Fortnite with friends and unlimited gaming fun! 


Icons Playing Fortnite

The game gained smashing fandom when videos of the famous rappers Drake and Travis Scott playing Fortnite surfaced. You know you have hit the right chord with their fans and opened up a new player base for Fortnite with this video! Professional gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has also been seen enjoying a game of Fortnite. These videos have boosted the fan following of the game and brought more players to the party!


Bright & Colourful

Despite its premise of shooting and survival, Fortnite is a game that’s colourful and lively. Most shooter games are dark, eerie and suspenseful. This makes many players anxious while playing, thus losing steam faster. Fortnite on the other hand is a breath of fresh air amidst shooter games that carry the same grey theme! It’s lively and animated set-up makes gamers enjoy the game light-heartedly! It is a fun and enjoyable experience, not an intense and dark duel. This is the reason most young gamers opt for Fortnite as their first exposure to shooter games! 


It’s Free

No prizes for guessing this rather obvious reason for Fortnite’s popularity! It’s a great multi-player game for all friends to dive in and enjoy its famous Battle Royale, without spending a buck! While you can use real life money to buy skins and other additions to your Fortnite avatar, one can enjoy unlimited gaming just as well for free. Having said that, there are instances where Fortnite has banned users from their game for various reasons, and not even real life money can help in such cases! If you bully other players, use mods or try to hack the game, you can get banned. If such a situation arises and you’re wondering how to get unbanned on Fortnite, it’s not as tough as it seems. Just a few simple steps and you can enjoying top-notch free gaming again!


The above are just some of the reasons why the gaming world is in love with Fortnite. Add to the mix some stellar graphics, engaging player experience and regular updates, we know Fortnite’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down! 


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