Washington Post Reporter on the Latest in the War Between Disney and DeSantis



Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Aaron Gregg.

On a Recent Price of Business show, Host Kevin Price interviewed Aaron Gregg who is a business reporter for the Washington Post about the continued battle between Disney and Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

About Aaron Gregg

Education: Emory University, bachelors degree; Georgetown University, masters in public policy

“Aaron Gregg is a business reporter for the Washington Post. He joined The Post in 2014 through an investigative reporting partnership with American University.  His past coverage included corporate accountability investigations, the defense industry, cybersecurity, and local business.”

What are Florida’s “Special Districts”?

Florida is home to over 1,800 special districts, which are unique forms of government entities that have been created to meet specific needs in local communities. These districts are designed to provide services such as water and sewer, fire protection, and transportation to residents in their respective areas. One such special district in Florida is the Reedy Creek Improvement District, which has gained notoriety due to its association with Disney.

The Reedy Creek Improvement District is located in Orange and Osceola counties and was created by the Florida Legislature in 1967 to allow Disney to have greater control over the development of its theme parks. The district encompasses 38 square miles and includes both the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disney-built community of Celebration. The district is governed by a board of supervisors is responsible for providing services such as water and wastewater treatment, solid waste disposal, and fire protection.

While the Reedy Creek Improvement District is perhaps the most well-known special district in Florida, it is just one of many. In fact, there are over 1,800 special districts in Florida that provide a wide range of services to residents. These districts are often created to meet specific needs that are not being adequately addressed by existing forms of government. For example, a special district might be created to provide fire protection services to a rural area that is not covered by a city or county fire department.

One of the unique features of special districts is that they often have extra powers that are not available to other forms of government. For example, some special districts have the power to levy taxes or issue bonds to fund infrastructure projects. This allows these districts to fund projects that might not be possible through other means.

While special districts can be an effective way to provide services to residents, they are not without their critics. Some argue that special districts can create a confusing patchwork of government entities that can be difficult for residents to navigate. Others worry that the extra powers granted to special districts can lead to abuses of power or conflicts of interest.

Despite these concerns, special districts continue to play an important role in Florida’s local government. Whether it is providing essential services to residents or allowing for greater control over development projects, special districts offer a unique form of government that can address specific needs in local communities.

Leaders and residents in the other Special Districts are watching DeSantis actions closely, knowing that the state could take a similar arbitrary approach to them.

For more explanation about Special Districts see the Tampa Bay times.

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