Why To Enroll Your Kid in Olympiads for Class 5


Are you still questioning your thought of enrolling your kid into the olympiad? Do you still think they are too young to take this pressure? Are you still not convinced that it would prove to be advantageous to your child? Do give this article a read before you conclude. If you think that participation in the olympiads is a mere waste of time and effort, you must change your perception. This article will help you change your thought process towards competitive examinations completely.  


Starting with the importance of Olympiads and why it was even introduced in the very beginning. Olympiads were introduced to give such a platform where students from all boards and states come together and get to know about their strengths and weaknesses and get a better understanding of the chapters they learn in their respective schools. The main idea was to focus more on the conceptual approach of learning. This examination has gained a lot of popularity lately because of its precise and honest approach to teaching students. It has become so popular that around 5 lakh students every year participate in such olympiads and compete with others to test their knowledge.


If your kid is scoring well in the school examination does not every time means that they are understanding every concept properly, for ensuring that they are on the right path of learning you want them to understand that there is a real-world of competitors outside their school which they have to face later in life to do well eventually. This is what the olympiads aim at doing. They bring together students from different boards and give them an experience of what they are going to face in future. These examinations have a very standard procedure for question paper making and hence will test your child in different aspects based on concepts they have learnt from the practice book rather than putting the same question as it is from the book. That is why it becomes important that the students from a young age know that it is not only the textbook that matters and scoring well in school examination is not the only goal of their life.


Now having said that Olympiads are a very important factor for a student’s right path of learning. It is also important that students put the right amount of input into the preparation too.

There is a roadmap that one needs to follow if they want to do well in the exam. Listing some of the important factors to take care of in brief.




Proper time table

Practising consistently

Mock tests

Previous year question paper(e.g Class 5 Olympiad Papers With Answers )


Maintain Positive attitude


A consistent effort is what is needed if you want to win a battle. Practising here is the foremost important step if you want to stand somewhere in the queue of students who want to do well in life. There is no other alternative if we are talking about hard work but there is always a smart way of doing things which when combined with hard work can provide you with the driver’s seat in this competition. The above-mentioned bullet points are those tricks that are sure to come in handy while you are preparing for this exam. The syllabus is one of the most important things that students ignore but this proves to be a game-changer later in the run. 


There is always a discussion in the panel for what update they can make in the syllabus to make it more efficient, this is why you need to look for the syllabus before you start preparing for the examination. The second thing that you need to look at is the pattern of the examination. Pattern here means the number of questions in the paper, the difficulty of the questions, the different sections and the characteristics of those sections. If you know this much even before you get into the real practice, you already have a big leap. You are starting ahead of most of the other contenders. 


The next thing you need to do is to make a proper timetable for yourself that you would follow while you are preparing for this exam daily. When making this time table keep a few things in mind, first give daily three to four hours of practice without skipping any day, second thing that you need to make sure is that you will have to give proper time for rest because if you do not rest and keep on studying you are not going to learn anything. So rest is a must and plays an important role in the preparation too. Practising consistently as discussed earlier without any doubt is the most essential thing one can talk about here. Coming to giving mock tests, It becomes very important for students that they learn to handle the pressure of exams. This is when the mock test comes into play.


 Mock tests give a fair idea to the students how the actual test is going to be, the same thing goes with previous year’s questions. Students should try to give previous year’s questions as a measure to check the efficiency of their preparation and work accordingly after checking how they are scoring in those tests. Next and the most important thing to do when a few days are left is revising. Revision is surely an important factor if you are talking about the key factors that add up in scoring well. The last thing that needs to be discussed is having a positive attitude while your journey is in progress. This step is as important as any other step in the list because if you do not keep a positive attitude and have no confidence in yourself nothing else can help you conquer this battle of success. So start with a lot of positivity and confidence in yourself that you are the best and if you try your best nothing else in this world can be better than you.


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