Finding Opportunity Amid The Pandemic. Here’s How With Entrepreneur Ben Zogby


Currently, the world is battling a pandemic that has dramatically disrupted people’s lives. Its impact is being felt by billions of people from the four corners of the globe. COVID-19 has restricted the movement of people in many countries worldwide. At one point, nearly three billion people were locked down and confined to their homes. The virus has also greatly affected the economies of many countries. It has shut down the operations of many businesses including shops, restaurants, airports, and transportation.

As a result of business closures, millions and millions of workers worldwide find themselves without a source of income. In the United States alone, millions and millions of Americans have filed for unemployment benefits as massive layoffs have hit the country. The tremendous negative impact of the pandemic on the global economy has left many people searching for answers to these difficult times.

As a brilliant physicist once said, in every crisis, lies an opportunity. Similarly, entrepreneur Ben Zogby believes that there is still a light at the end of the tunnel amid the current pandemic crisis. Zogby offers two ways to earn a living in these difficult times. “I have been teaching my clients to make money by learning how to do stock trading or by starting their skill-sharing business,” he said.

Learning How To Trade  

Zogby said that stock trading is one of the ways used by some of the wealthiest people in the world to grow their wealth. They have become wealthy because they successfully master the art of stock trading.

Zogby used to work for a 9-to-5 job like most people. But Zogby realized that the road to financial freedom is not by having a regular job. So, he took a momentous decision to quit his day job and solely focus on stock trading. Since college, Zogby has been improving his skills in stock trading. When he was consistently making money, he decided to leave the corporate world and started building his wealth through stock trading.

“I was just 23 years old when I established HighStrike Trading, which will eventually grow into a multi-million-dollar business,” Zogby mentioned. It only took him 18 months to transform HighStrike Trading into a $2.7-million business. So, by the age of 24, Zogby is already a multi-millionaire. “When HighStrike took off very well, the revenue kept on coming. It made me a millionaire in just a short time. It is unbelievable that I successfully built a multi-million-dollar business from scratch,” he narrated.

Through HighStrike Trading, Zogby is teaching a lot of people how to make money in stock trading. ” I am committed to imparting to my students the strategies and techniques that have allowed me to successfully build my business,” Zogby declared. Already, thousands of students have learned how to trade through the guidance of Zogby and are now making money in stock trading.

“A lot of people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. I am offering them an avenue to make money and build their wealth towards financial freedom through stock trading,” Zogby said. Zogby urged everyone to enroll in HighStrike Trading and learn the techniques that made him a millionaire. 

Start A Skill-Sharing Business

After his success in stock trading, Zogby took on a personal mission to help others start making money by establishing a skill-sharing business. He wants to help them make their first million-dollar business. He found the 7-Figure Blueprint, which teaches entrepreneurs how to make money by sharing their skills online.

Zogby believed that it is an asset that will provide continuous profit for a long time. He added that the demand for online education is moving toward an upward trend. “Online learning is the future of learning. And with the current pandemic, the demand for online learning has skyrocketed,” he continued.

Under the 7-Figure Blueprint, students will learn how to build an online course-based business from scratch. Zogby said that he would provide them with all the tools that they need to start their online business. He added that they would learn how to start their page. He will also share the strategies in finding customers for their online course and getting reviews from clients. 

Final Thoughts

Zogby has built companies that made him a millionaire and reaped the benefits from all his efforts. He is now committing himself to guide other people in building their million-dollar business from scratch.

Zogby remarked that HighStrike Trading offers the most comprehensive program for aspiring traders. Aspiring traders can visit to learn more about the program. To get updates about stock trading, please follow HighStrike Trading on @highstriketrading and @benzogby. Moreover, the 7-Figure Blueprint is a program also designed to guide you in identifying the niche that best suits your skills. Interested individuals can enroll at or get updates on Instagram at @sevenfigureblueprint.

Featured image used by permission of Ben Zogby

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