How Military Skills Can Help When Looking for Civilian Jobs


Although the civilian job market is completely different from life in the military, it does not mean that your skills are irrelevant. To be completely honest there are quite a number of skills that you would have acquired from your military experience that can help you to land civilian jobs.


Veterans are no stranger to commitment seeing as enlisting is a huge commitment in itself. That type of loyalty is something that employers often look for, and is a bigger selling point than you may realize when you’re looking for civilian jobs.

On your part all that you need to do is emphasize your willingness to commit and show that you’re looking for a position to grow a career with the company.


Teamwork is an integral part of military service, and it is one that translates very well when looking for civilian jobs. The experience that you have training to efficiently work with and collaborate with a team is something that organizations both large and small actively look for.

Be sure to highlight that aspect in your resume so that potential employers can see that you’re able to act as a solid and dependable member of a team. If you find it difficult to write a civilian resume for the first time – be sure to look at some of the examples available online.


All of the communication skills that you picked up during your time in the military are definitely going to be helpful when looking for civilian jobs. Being able to efficiently and effectively interact with your team and others is bound to attract attention.

The fact that your communication skills have be honed in a high-pressure and fast-paced environment should be emphasized as well. It will showcase that regardless of the circumstances you are able to communicate effectively to resolve the situation and overcome any challenges.


How many times have you had to adapt to ever-changing conditions and new environments during your military career? The fact that you have a proven track record of being able to adapt to difficult environments and in challenging situations will give you an edge over others.

In the civilian workforce adaptability is just as important as in the military. It will require you to adapt to changes in processes, technology, and new developments – often on a frequent basis.

Problem Solving

Not only will the military have given you hand’s on experience with problem solving, but it will have required you to solve problems under intense pressure and in difficult situations.

Simply put, your problem solving skills are tried and tested to a very high degree.

As long as you can provide examples of your problem solving skills during your military career, it is safe to say you’ll be able to attract the interest of employers. If you have any experience with tactics and strategy than that will count towards it too.


Are you starting to see how your military skills can help when you are looking for a civilian job at military job fairs or anywhere else? To be perfectly honest they are one of the most important assets that you have – as long as you’re able to translate them into terms that civilian employers find familiar.

At the end of the day despite the inherent differences between a civilian job and the time that you spent in the military, your skills are definitely going to be relevant. Be sure to leverage them when you look for a job, and you should find it much easier to land the type of position that you want.

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