How this Entrepreneur Made his Fortune in the Stock Market and How he Can Help You Start a Career as a Trader


In stocks and forex trading, the difference between profit and loss comes down to your understanding of the business. According to trading consultant and self-made millionaire Anmol Singh, your ability to make logical and fast decisions based on constantly changing data also influences your success in the industry. Anmol was a millionaire before the age of 25 just by trading stocks. However, traders are not all built equally as many people simply are not prepared for the emotional roller coaster trading can be.

Who is Anmol Singh?

Anmol Singh is a passionate and highly paid stocks and forex consultant who would rather spend his time trading stocks than anything else. He spent an entire year in trading without any profits believing in the greater good and the hope for a miracle. Anmol says that his tenacity helps him indulge in working with the students of his company, Like most people in the industry, Anmol started as an amateur, but after a year, he had a good grip on how things worked in the trading space, and he did not stop. Stocks and Forex trading has helped Anmol find new ways to live his life. After his share of experiences in the market, he started to become a profitable trader and is now very grateful for everything trade has given him and is more taken by the way the industry has helped him strategize and implement new techniques.

How He Made A Fortune Trading

Anmol co-founded with Jared Wesley, in 2015. Jared also shared the same dream with his business partner and possessed the experience and knowledge of the trading market. They both set up the online academy as a guide to help the young, struggling traders learn the art of forex and stock trading. It was Anmol’s first step towards doing something good not just for himself, but for the better of the people all over the world. With Live Traders, Anmol and his team are able to encourage those who want to make a career out of trading. Live Traders helped Anmol become a mentor for more than a thousand of traders and investors by assisting them in their trade execution. In addition to all this, the company also provides the funds required to trade in exchange for a percentage of what the users make trading. 

How To Join Anmol

If you are enthusiastic about trading but don’t know how or where to begin, seek out Live Traders. Regardless of whether you are trading stocks, forex or options, you will understand why more than 1000 students trust Live Traders to get started and to improve their skill. Anmol designed the Swing Trading Newsletter for anyone who wants to participate in the markets without spending hours researching ideas and opportunities. If you have another job or simply can’t sit in front of the computer all day, this is a perfect service for you!

He bears a strong attachment with his firm and the team members working with him there. This is visible by mere mention of how much time he spends every day working with students of the academy. Anmol has a knack for giving back and supporting others financially and in any other way possible. At Live Traders, he provides a live trading platform where the students can analyze trades in real-time. 

To get to where he is, however, Anmol has had to work hard and smart. Eventually, his trading became notable and caught the attention of several investors who asked him to carry out trading for them. His mentorship and prowess to manage psychological and behavioral issues that arise when high stakes are on the line helped him become a leading expert in trading psychological space. 

While he actively participates in profitable forex and stock trading, Anmol makes sure he helps his fellow traders excel in the field. All in all, Anmol is an inspiration for not just the people in the world of trading but entrepreneurs as well. He is a smart trader, a successful entrepreneur, and a true believer of service to the community.

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