How to Stop a Dog From Jumping on the Owner


Everyone loves it when a dog greets him cheerfully from work. But if a four-legged friend shows an excessive emotional situation and tries to jump into the hands of the owner, the situation takes on an unpleasant connotation. From such manifestations of feelings, not only clothes can suffer, but also the person himself. In addition, in the world of intelligent dogs, such behavior is considered bad manners. That is why many ask the question: how to wean a dog from jumping on people.

Jumping up on people is a natural behavior and therefore part of a dog’s greeting ritual. When dogs meet, they often sniff each others’ bottoms, but they also may sniff each others’ muzzles and sometimes even lick. This behavior is natural. More interesting facts and articles about dogs you will find on this website.

Fortunately, practice weaning your pet from this habit is a snap. The main thing is patience, consistency and friendly persistence. It is not so important how old the animal is, a puppy or an adult dog. The methods of influence in both cases will be approximately the same.

The first thing you should do is block your personal space from your four-legged friend. When you see that the pet is running with the aim of jumping on its hands or putting its paws on its shoulders, do not lean back, on the contrary, move forward, turn your face to the side, cross your arms on your stomach and block the dog’s jumping with your shoulders and body. or stand with your back). When the animal calms down and stands firmly on the floor, treat it to a treat and greet it with a pat behind the ear. Ignoring is an effective method that over time works even for the most persistent of individuals.

How else can you wean your dog from this habit? The second method is a combination of the command “No!” and repulsion. When the pet jumps at you, say “No!” and push it away slightly. You should not wait for the perfect result after the first attempt, a systematic approach will definitely give a result.

However, many people are not at all against the violent manifestation of feelings. On the contrary, the joyful jumps of the four-legged friend charge them with optimism. There is nothing wrong with this, but this pet, which allows you to jump, is worth it, it can damage clothes or even accidentally cause injury. Especially, this applies to the large breed.

Do not forget that parenting is the key to the successful socialization of your dog.


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