Whether it is a website, app, or B2B tool, nearly every business with an online presence can benefit from the top-notch user experience (UX). Daily business interactions online have already become an inevitable part of modern life; therefore, it is critical to offer users a seamless digital experience that aligns with their everyday lives.

A clear understanding of why customers come to a site and what they need will provide you with optimized user experience pathways. When UX and business walk side by side, the conversion rates yield up to 400%.

As a development and UI/UX design agency, Cadabra Studio wants to increase your awareness of UX design’s business value. For us, UI/UX design is the philosophy that we follow. In this article, we’d like to share our knowledge and experience with everyone who wants to improve their business or create a new project.

What is UX Design?

User Experience (UX) is defined as any interaction a user makes with a product or service. In its turn, UX design is a process of designing systems that offer the best engagement with users. UX design considers every element that helps in shaping the experience and fulfilling the tasks efficiently. It aims to build an efficient, relevant, and pleasing experience for users.

UX designers study user needs and build logical diagrams, mind maps, user flow, list of screens. They create and test prototypes of the target audience and conduct customer research. The UX design process consists of 5 stages. There is how it goes at Cadabra Studio:

  • Strategy. In this stage, our designers conduct research on user needs and business objectives.
  • This stage defines function specification as well as the requirements concerning content and features contained in the digital product.
  • Structure or a well-organized information architecture. There are three elements of information architecture that help to create the best user experience design — users (target audience), context (relevant information for target audience), and content (text, images, icons, and videos that engage the customers at every touch-point).
  • Skeleton. This stage includes the creation of layout, wireframes, prototypes, and interface design.
  • Surface. The last stage determines how the product will look, what graphics, mockups, and color palettes to use.


Those are the basics that make a good UX design. The process itself is entirely custom-tailored for every business, and product — сustomization results in a more relevant experience for the customer. If your company wants to gain customers’ attention and interest, the UX of your website or mobile app must be unique.

Any UX process is impossible without a UI design. These are the two integral parts of the design process. Both UI and UX design are crucial for businesses that care about their customers.

If you want to know what changes will the UX design bring personally to your business, you should contact Cadabra Studio managers. You will get comprehensive answers from the professionals who will carefully walk you through all UI/UX design and development stages.

We care about each client and project. Our managers make a complete project scope, so the teams of developers and designers can create the exact product you need. Our Project Managers assist you at every stage of the Project Development process and after a successful release.

Impact of UX Design for Your Business

If you want your product to become successful, it’s crucial to conduct UX research and invest in design. When your digital product’s design is user-oriented, you help people meet their needs, so they see the value in it. That leads to customer loyalty and makes your business stand out among competitors.

There are 5 key changes that describe the user experience’s impact on business.

1. Improved Customer Satisfaction–Conversion–Retention Journey

Effective UX moves your users throughout your product in the most efficient way. However, bad navigation, a messy layout, complex descriptions, and poor calls to actions will lead to a user-hostile design.

When users get a smooth journey, they’re much more likely to end up buying your products. As a result of good service, you’ll get increased sales, conversion boost, and loyal customers.

2. Reduced Costs for Development/Bug Fixing/Marketing

To make a successful product, you have to consider UX research findings from the start and develop an optimized UX design. In this way, you’ll minimize the money spent on referrals, sales, and marketing.

Solving a problem during the development phase costs 10 times more than during the design phase, and 100 times more if you are trying to fix the problem when the product is released.

The longer your product resonates with users, the longer they’ll stay loyal and recommend your product to their family, friends, and colleagues.

3. Upgraded ROI

Good UX and conversion rate optimization services are some good ways to improve the return on investment (ROI). On average, every dollar spent on UX brings profit. The reason is simple: the better the usability, the higher the conversion rate.

If you spend 10% of your budget on UX development, you get an 80% increase in conversions. When UX improves the customer experience, it increases the company’s KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

4. Rocket SEO Website Rankings

Even if you’ve fully optimized your site, it might be shown on the second or third page of search results. To avoid it, you need to have a rocket SEO rankings.

UX design is tightly integrated with search engine optimization (SEO). As Google strives to deliver the best search satisfaction, they use the metrics in its search algorithms. The metrics consist of bounce rate, page dwell time, page speed/load time, menu design, mobile responsiveness, and URL structure.

Each point is considered during the design process, so the main aim is to do that right. A user experience that is not optimized can decrease conversions drastically.

5. Increase in Sales

People expect products to meet their needs and solve their specific problems. Products that have good design with smooth UX will sell better.

Since many competing web products are readily available, people won’t spend a lot of time sorting them out. They switch to another product that provides a better user experience.


A person’s attention span is only 8 seconds. It means users can focus on your product in just this short time. After that, they either stay or leave. Because your time to engage users is limited, you need to take advantage of every opportunity possible to give them a pleasant experience. This is where UX design can help you.

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Why Is the UX Important for Your Business?

The ultimate goal of any business is to get profit. And UX design enhances your business to gain this goal. By implementing UX design, you improve your customers’ engagement and interactions with your website via any device or application. UX design is the ingredient that makes a first-class website.


It applies both to internal and external operations like increased sales, lower customer acquisition cost, increased customer retention, more market share, and less training costs.


UX design helps you identify the most valuable features to users, which prevents the development team from creating features that are not needed. Instead, they can focus on the features that provide the most value, resulting in a better profit.

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Final Words

Implementation or upgrade of UX design is a great step forward for your business. Good UX design builds a positive experience for your users by anticipating and satisfying their needs. UX design helps to increase sales, reduce costs for development, and upgrade the ROI.

Invest in the UX design company that assures you to provide the best user experience. Your business’s UX design process will differ from other businesses because it will be unique. The point is that you’ll find a method that works for you and your customers and helps you achieve your goals and get the maximum value of UX.

Do you want to grow your business with an excellent UX? Cadabra Studio is the name to rely upon. We focus on delivering digital experiences that are integrated and comprehensive, providing both content and conversion opportunities.

We will be glad to make your product even better or start your successful project from scratch.


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