Is Virtual Reality the Next Big Tech Move?

It can be difficult to determine where the next breakthrough in tech may come from as the smartest people in the world work tirelessly to bring the big updates and huge features, we look for in our modern tech products. But it is easier to determine where some focus may be, particularly as we look into our current usage and where things may likely head forward in the next few years – for many the question for what the next big tech move may be has been within one space for a number of years now – Virtual Reality.

Last year saw a big change to one of the biggest virtual reality platforms available in Oculus – back in 2014, social media giant Facebook invested in the company during a huge $2 billion deal, and whilst the growth had been steady and the transition smooth, many users were upset when it was announced that a Facebook account would be required for the usage of the devices. Other big names in the space such as HTC with their Vive, and the dedicated console options from the likes of PlayStation VR have continued to see enormous growth as gaming remains a primary space for VR to grow. As gaming in general has been moving from strength to strength throughout the past few years as certain spaces like esports in particular have been able to see enormous gains and other markets such as cs-go esports betting for example have brought more eyes on to the space, gaming will continue to grow in the way that it has.

Although VR has many different applications than just gaming, and the similar technology in Augmented Reality is starting to find much broader spectrums of usage too – with more attention being paid to these spaces now alternative uses are starting to be discovered and put into place, the opportunities are starting to reveal themselves. Perhaps the biggest step now is to see dramatic reductions in the high cost of hardware that still exist, particularly for the higher end devices, and ways to deliver the peripherals associated with virtual and augmented reality at a much lower cost too – but with investment remaining high and interest seemingly not waning at all, there are certainly opportunities present for this tech to do very well.

With that being said there’s still a long way to go, hardware to support VR devices needs to catch up as anything more complex is very heavy to run, and more development time is needed to bring more complex titles to VR options too, but those will all come in time, and with the opportunities that continue to be present.

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