Move Over Frankenstein, New Mental Health Procedure “Kills” Patients and Brings Them “Back to Life”


By The Price of Business Show, Media Partner of TDB


On a recent Price of Business show, host Kevin Price interviewed Dr. Linda Lagemann, a mental health professional from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, which they discussed a bizarre, sci-fi sounding, medical procedure. Lagemann discussed a “clinical trial being done at University of Utah for ‘treatment resistant’ depression, which involves administering repeated high doses of propofol (the anesthesia Michael Jackson died on) until they flatline the brain, then bring the person back. Described as a ‘reversible death’ that, they ‘don’t know how, but it reboots the brain.’ They are currently recruiting subjects and it’s being promoted by mommy blogger Heather B Armstrong — her book is titled ‘The Valedictorian of Being Dead.’
“Psychiatry gets away with the most outrageous unethical extreme experiments on a desperate-for-help population.”
Listen to the interview in its entirety here:

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