Progress and Setbacks in the Efforts Towards Healthcare Transparency


By the Price of Business, Media Partner of The Daily Blaze.

Bethany Schenk is the Founder and CEO of Web Benefits Design. Bethany has over 22 years of industry experience in the healthcare, benefits, and information technology industries. Bethany’s multiple responsibilities include product development, marketing, sales, account management, compliance, human resources and operations. Bethany co-founded Web Benefits Design and has led its growth into one of the nation’s leaders in benefits administration technology and full service outsourcing solutions. Bethany graduated from Florida State University with a Risk Management Insurance and Actuarial Science degree.

Recently she was on the Price of Business show with Host, Kevin Price, to discuss the latest efforts towards transparency in the very opaque healthcare industry.  She is very excited about the efforts to improve the system and in this segments makes some suggestions on the direction the industry needs to go in order to get better.  The following is her interview with Kevin Price in its entirety:

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Web Benefits Design is a leading national employee benefits technology firm, who develops a complete, cloud-based employee benefits platform. Web Benefit Design’s benefits administration solutions encompass a sophisticated, comprehensive, intelligent suite of technology and services. Web Benefits Design develops an integrated technology, administration, compliance, and communication platform written on a unified codebase for complete online enrollment and Human Resources management of employee benefits.

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