10 Ground-Breaking Technologies That Will Leave You Awestruck


Today, the up-and-coming technological evolutions are changing the global landscape. Curiosity-driven innovators are inventing products and services to help humans. From AI-enabled devices to automated software solutions – technology would continue to make lives easier. At present, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has issued 3.3 million patents for ground-breaking tech innovations in the United States.

Unsurprisingly, the markets are already full of smart gadgets such as Padrone Rings, digital contact tracing, and copy-pasting devices. In addition, technological advancements also support urban innovation. The concept of advanced traffic lights and green hydrogen has become increasingly popular. In short, the list of tech innovations is pretty long, but to give you an insight, we have handpicked a few innovations.

Here we are highlighting ten ground-breaking technologies that will leave you amazed.


1.    Water Walker & Spa

As more people have become health conscious, tech experts are trying to create an innovative fitness world. Recently, they have launched an aqua treadmill, offering a water walker and spa. It is similar to a modern bathtub but comes with a moving surface at the bottom. Hence, you can walk or even run underwater. In addition, people have the option to fine-tune the speed according to their stamina. Once you have finished cardio, turn on the spa button to relax after a rigorous workout.


2.    Ghost Hunting Devices

Are you into paranormal investigation? Many people feel the presence of another entity while they are alone in the house. Likewise, some individuals even hear strange noises and sounds in their homes. With tech-savvy tools, you can hunt down the ghosts. You can get your hands on a spiritshack radio or vibration sensor to capture paranormal activities. It monitors radio frequency that usually goes up when a ghost is around. Besides that, you can even look for witchcraft services to get a chance to speak to spirits and demons.


3.    Smart Traffic Lights

Surprisingly, technology is also facilitating urban innovation. It has developed intelligent traffic lights to make roads safer and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Moreover, these traffic lights aim at contributing to the flow of traffic. For instance, if one route is jam-packed, the green signal will last until the traffic clears up. In addition to avoiding traffic jams, the lights can recognize pedestrians’ intention to cross the road. It has integrated machine-learning algorithms that adjust the lights when someone has to cross the street.


4.    Lithium-Metal Batteries

Have you come across electric vehicles? Undoubtedly, these vehicles became increasingly popular because of its fuel-efficiency, but now, it has left the customers unsatisfied. In addition to being expensive, you can only drive them a few hundred miles before they need to recharge. That’s happening because of the limitations of lithium-ion batteries. Luckily, a startup in Silicon Valley has introduced lithium-metal batteries to make electric vehicles palatable. It can boost the range of electric cars by 80% with faster charging time, making it attractive to millions of consumers.


5.    Padrone Ring

Although the trackpads on laptops have gotten faster, they don’t offer enough freedom of movement and speed. To provide a seamless working experience, innovators have developed a Padrone Ring. It is a small finger ring that functions like a computer mouse. Sounds exciting, no? You can connect this ring to any device via Bluetooth. Besides this, the ring supports different scrolling and clicking gestures. Also, the ring is waterproof and comes in 12 different sizes.


6.    Computer Models: GPT-3

The emerging tech innovations are allowing computer systems to learn and write. It is a considerable step towards artificial intelligence that can improve understanding and interactions with the world. The software GPT-3 comprises thousands of books and most of the information on the internet. Hence, it can mimic human-written text, making it an incredible language processing model. Alongside helping the corporate sector, it would eliminate the language barriers. However, the model is still in process since it requires massive computation, power, and data.


7.    Digital Contact Tracing

As Covid-19 began to spread worldwide, innovators came up with the idea of digital contact tracing. The smartphones app can use Bluetooth or GPS to track people who have crossed paths recently. Thus, if any one of them turns out to be Covid-19 positive, the person can add that to the digital app. In turn, the software would alert everyone else who might have been exposed to the virus. The purpose of digital contact tracing is to stop the outspread of the virus and trace people struggling for their lives against the deadly coronavirus.


8.    Smart Copy & Paste

Believe it or not, the feature of copy and paste in the digital landscape is a game-changer. What if you get to use this feature in real life? The intelligent portable scanning and printing tool can fulfill all your copy-pasting needs. It can send images and text from one place to another in a matter of seconds. You only have to hold the scanner and hover it above the text or image you have to copy. After that, click the print button and print directly into your notebook, eliminating the need for additional papers.


9.    Li-Fi

We all are familiar with Wi-Fi, but Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is likely to replace conventional Wi-Fi systems. Instead of radio waves, it uses electromagnetic signals that are much faster. These are infrared waves beside the visible light, providing a more reliable connection than the traditional routers. Above all, Li-Fi transmits multiple gigabits that are virtually interference-free and way more secure than radio technology. Therefore, future generations don’t have to worry about cyberattacks or hacking.


10. Hoversurf

The notion of flying cars has always been in the limelight, and soon, we would see something similar. Hoversurf is a levitating transport model. It’s more like a superbike that can fly. Some people call it a quadcopter since it hovers above the ground at 60 miles per hour. The superbike has a body of carbon fiber, making it light yet agile. These vehicles have already been adopted in the Middle East as part of the Police’s fleet to catch criminals. Even though this is an early concept, we would see flying bikes in the future.


Final Thoughts

The emerging technologies will continue to reshape the industry dynamics. In addition to speed, technology will improve efficiency while making everything straightforward for humans. The tech innovations will continue to surprise people, from mouse rings and copy-pasting devices to the aqua spa. Thus, stay on top of the latest tech developments and keep pace with technology to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

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