One of the inevitable parts of the aging process for men is how testosterone levels decrease over time. In fact, once you reach 40 years of age, you can expect your T levels to drop by up to 2% every year.


Although it’s normal for your levels to decrease with age, sometimes the symptoms can impact your day to day health and wellness. These changes may seem insignificant at first, but they can develop over time and become a cause for concern. When your testosterone levels are low you need to take some vitamins for normal levels. If you are a bodybuilder or do workouts regularly then you may need some supplements to check Fitness Volt reviewed.


Identifying Low Testosterone Levels


The following four problems can indicate that your testosterone levels are not within a normal range. If this is the case, then don’t worry. If your doctor deems it necessary, then you will be able to access testosterone replacement therapy, which can boost your levels back into a normal range.


Unexplained Fatigue and Irritability


If you have been feeling as though you have much less energy than usual, but haven’t made any big changes to your diet or lifestyle, then low testosterone levels could be the culprit.


Testosterone-related tiredness can range from a slight dip in your energy levels to chronic fatigue. This can leave you feeling demotivated, especially when it comes to exercise, and unable to enjoy day to day activities.


When you are experiencing any severity of fatigue, then it’s natural that your mood will also be affected. Feelings of irritability and depression can become common, and this can leave you feeling both physically and emotionally exhausted.


Reduced Muscle Mass and Weight Gain


Testosterone is a key ingredient for maintaining muscle mass, and the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns throughout the day. So when you’re losing muscle, it’s to be expected that you may also gain weight at the same time.


As your testosterone decreases gradually over time, it’s natural to expect that your muscle mass will also decrease. However, with unnaturally low T levels, this process will be faster and more noticeable.


Memory Loss


Studies have suggested that low testosterone levels can contribute to short-term memory loss in older men. So if you’re more forgetful than usual recently, it may be worth having a checkup to determine if your hormones are to blame.



Erectile Dysfunction and Decreased Libido


A decline in your sex drive is completely normal as you get older, but men with low T may experience this more drastically than others. If your hormone levels are at play here, then you will also likely find it more difficult to achieve and maintain an erection.


There is no real health risk to either of these symptoms, but you might find it affects your relationship with your partner and also your mood.


It is worth mentioning that although testosterone replacement therapy can give your libido a boost, it is not always enough to completely solve erectile issues. This is because there are often other contributing factors.


Talk To Your Doctor


If you are over 40 and experiencing one or more of the aforementioned problems, then it might be a good idea to talk to your doctor. Testosterone therapy will usually involve a topical cream or injection and is known to be highly effective in treating this hormone deficiency.









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