4 Tips for Lifestyle Influencers


Being a social media influencer may seem like an easy job, but it definitely isn’t! Influencers have to work a lot – in fact, they’re always working! As an influencer, everywhere you go you will be thinking about possible photos, captions, or collaborations — to the point where it might  feel like you barely have time to actually enjoy your life because you are so busy showcasing it. Here are 4 helpful tips for lifestyle influencers.

Take Time Off

This may seem like a no-brainer, but everyone needs time off. Even if you are a super candid influencer who usually shares all aspects of their life, you are allowed to take time off and set aside times  for yourself  when you are never looking at or posting on social media of any sort. It is also acceptable to take time away from work when you are going through something difficult.

If you are busy making funeral arrangements for a loved one, you shouldn’t be thinking about taking photos and documenting this private aspect of your life for your followers. Unless of course this is something you really want to share. Remember that being a lifestyle influencer does not mean that every aspect of your life has to become a part of your work.


Collaborating with other influencers is one of the easiest and best ways to increase your followers and in turn your income. You cannot just assume that all lifestyle influencers have the exact same followers, because that is certainly not the case! People who are big fans of another influencer but aren’t familiar with you may be led to your page because of tags, so getting others to tag you and collaborating with them on different projects is a quick way to get the attention of large numbers of people.

Be Creative

At the end of the day, social media is about being creative – and that is true even if being an influencer is your full time job. Don’t be afraid to bend the rules a little bit and do things differently than others. As a lifestyle influencer, standing out is an excellent way to gain more followers and thus a higher income. You just have to figure out how you want to stand out.

Be Real

Being yourself and being real are very attractive qualities in successful influencers. Most people can tell when the people they follow on social media are being fake, so the more honest and true to yourself you are, the better. It will shine through and your followers will be more likely to trust you and to continue following you for years to come.

Being a lifestyle influencer doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful. Take advantage of these simple tips so that you can get back to loving the influencer life.

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