Tips For A Carefree Moving Experience


Moving is never the first thing on a person’s list of favorites.  People tend to shy away from being uprooted, but a new move can always be a marker for new beginnings.  

Instead of dreading your upcoming move day, try working to better prepare yourself for what’s to come.  Take the time for research, and give yourself the tools to maintain your chill on move day.  Here is a brief look at some tips for a carefree moving experience.  

Be orderly when you pack

When you start the task of packing up your home for the big move, you should first make sure you have an orderly labeling system in place.  Grab up some box labels and other moving supplies to give you what you need to make unpacking as easy as possible.  

If you take the extra time to wrap breakables in old newspapers and slap a label on every box, you won’t have trouble directing the movers when they’re unloading your stuff at the new place.  

Hire movers to move your stuff

This step is the true key to a carefree move day.  Take the time to hire residential movers, and let the professionals do all the heavy lifting.  Focus your efforts around managing all the elements of your big move on “D” day.  

If you’re worried about the movers messing up or breaking your things, there are steps you can take to avoid and prepare for the situation.  Make sure you hire a company with a solid background and provisional policies to offer a more sound peace of mind.  

Clean the new place 

Before you even think about loading the first box for the new place, you should take the time to clean it.  You don’t want to move into a home that you haven’t yet cleaned to your standards.  

Make sure the house is ready to be lived in from the very first day you arrive.  Lay your head down that first night in your new space with the smell of a fresh and clean home in the air, and you’ll find a new comfort in your respite from all the hustle and bustle.  

Make sure the utilities are on

You will also want to take the necessary steps to make sure the utilities are turned on in your new space before the day of your big move.  You want to be able to shower and relax after a long day of moving, and running water and power are foundational for the achievement of said comfort.  

Have a plan for move day

Above all else, have a plan in place for the day of the move.  Know what you are going to do, and make sure everyone else involved understands their part in the whole operation as well. 

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