5 Common Mistakes with Storage to Avoid for Small Businesses


As a small business owner, you probably don’t have a lot of money just lying around waiting to be used. You need to be smart with every dollar to ensure success.

Part of running the business means utilizing storage. Mistakes with storage can be costly and embarrassing.

When implementing a storage strategy, make sure you avoid these mistakes.

1. Extra Insurance

No matter how clean, secure, or controlled a storage unit site is, there’s always an inherent risk that calamity could strike.

Check with your business insurance provider to see if materials, equipment, documents, and other valuables are protected. If not, ask about getting extra protection for the stored items.

Whether it’s a natural event or theft, be a responsible owner, and cover your assets.

2. Labeling Boxes

Getting your storage unit is a big relief. Maybe your company has spent months searching for the best deal and best fit. This isn’t the time to start relaxing.

Before you start moving equipment, boxes, and folders into the storage unit – label everything.

Not labeling your containers in a storage unit causes problems for everyone. It’s unlikely you’ll go into a storage unit to clear everything out at once. Employees need to know where everything is especially if a time-sensitive issue arises.

Figure out a system that works for you – alphabetical, chronological, etc. Have an inventory list with identifiable markers, and keep that sheet handy for anyone who needs to go into storage.

3. The Right Storage

Do you know the right storage needed for your assets and company valuables?

Putting something that could be affected by the elements in basic outdoor storage could permanently damage it. Humidity and moisture will ruin paper or soft materials with mold.

If you don’t need any climate-controlled storage, consider getting lockers or shelves at your site. Be sure to click for more details regarding on-site storage strategies.

4. Relying on Digital Storage

Digital cloud data storage has revolutionized a business’s ability to save and recall documents in large quantities. But don’t rely on digital storage as the only way to cache.

Like any method, technology can fail or be compromised. Having the originals or a copy of the originals will save you headaches and possible lawsuits for breaches.

Digital cloud storage should be an accessory to your storage strategy, not the main component.

5. Make Way

It doesn’t matter what method of storage you choose, you need to make sure there are adequate space and safety.

Whether you store in a locker, closet, storage unit, or basement, you should have a clear pathway around the items. Additionally, don’t stack items higher than the average person. Avoid damaging these items and an expensive workers’ comp case.

Avoid Mistakes With Storage

If you can avoid mistakes with storage, then you can take one more item off your busy plate. Additionally, you’ll save money in the process.

Do you want to learn more? Our business section can help you be a successful and knowledgeable owner. Keep reading to enhance the future growth your business requires.

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