Fish aren’t anywhere near as popular as other pets like dogs and cats. But according to a recent survey, about 10% of Americans do own at least a few fish.

If you’re thinking about joining them by welcoming fish into your home, you’re going to have to put an aquarium together first. And this aquarium is going to have to include all the aquarium accessories you’ll need to keep your new fish comfortable in your home.

Here are five aquarium accessories that every fish tank needs to have.

  1. Filter

From the moment that you first dump a bunch of new fish into a fish tank, debris is going to start to build up in it. Because of this, it’s going to be important for you to filter the water in the tank to keep it clean.

You can do this by purchasing a filter for your specific fish tank. It’ll ensure that your fish are able to swim around in clean water at all times.

  1. Heater

As long as you keep the air in your home at a reasonable temperature, you might think the water in your fish tank will follow suit. Not true!

You’re going to have to keep your water at a very specific temperature depending on what type of fish you have. It’s what makes an aquarium heater one of the most essential aquarium accessories around.

You should buy a heater that is designed to fit in your fish tank. You should then crank it up to whatever temperature your fish need the water in their tank to be.

  1. Lighting

Whether you’re giving your fish their fish food or watching your fish swim around, you want to be able to see them easily when you look in their tank. Installing the right lighting in it will make this possible.

You should put lighting into place that’s easy to turn on and off as necessary. It’ll make it simple for you to see what’s happening in your fish tank at any time.

  1. Air Pump

Your fish need to be able to breathe easily in your fish tank to survive. You can help make this possible for them by strategically positioning an air pump in their tank.

An air pump will oxygenate the water in your fish tank and make it possible for your fish to breathe with ease. It’ll also distribute the heat in your tank evenly so that all the water warms up as opposed to just some of it.

  1. Rocks

One of the final things you should pick up at an aquarium store is a bag filled with colorful aquarium rocks. They’ll add a lot of life to your tank and make it look the way you want it to.

Invest in These Important Aquarium Accessories

You don’t need too much to set up a home aquarium. But you should make sure that you have these aquarium accessories on hand.

You’ll be able to keep your fish happy and healthy when you have these accessories around. You’ll also be able to enjoy your aquarium so much more than you would otherwise.

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