Did you know that 4.33 billion people around the world are on social media? That number is growing year on year, meaning social media is a huge market with vast potential. But do you know the best way to reach people and get your brand out there?

Utilizing social media is about predicting and embracing trends. Read on as we discuss the social media trends you must know.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is becoming a hit with anyone wanting to promote a product. It has an advantage over VR, in that the only software you need to use AR is a smartphone. This puts means it can be in the hands of everyone, instantly.

It works by layering graphics and special effects over the camera image. Thus, the view becomes augmented. It can make the image look different, or add extra sprites and characters.

The applications are endless. You can try on a dress in a store, without having to actually pick up the item. You can add special filters to people’s pictures, promoting your brand or product.

Stories as Content

The Instagram stories feed is quickly gaining popularity as a way to share content. This means that stories will soon become a staple part of the social media marketing calendar. They will need to be planned appropriately and quality content will need the be created for them.

Live Video

Live videos are another social media method gaining popularity. They are a great way to talk to fans and potential customers. They are also a concept that really grabs the attention, and allows people to be in the moment.

All of the major platforms have now installed live streaming options. You can use them to display products or showcase events that are happening.


There was a time when chatbots were frustrating. They would send you around in circles, never really fully answering your concerns or questions. That time is now gone, and chatbots are more sophisticated than ever.

They offer you a chance to automate your customer service experience. This is done with a quality interaction, that can bring answers to a customer within seconds. Once your customer service levels improve, you are more likely to retain customers and increase brand loyalty.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing rose to prominence very quickly and will continue to remain a great way to advertise your brand and products. However, the way this business operates may change in the coming years.

It will no longer be enough to post pictures of a product. Brands will help create products made by influencers themselves. In turn, influencers will be expected to put more work into promoting the products, creating quality content around a brand or item.

This will be done using influencers who have high numbers of likes and followers, as it always has been. However, the focus will be on profiles with more quality followers. If you are an influencer who wants to prepare, you can start to buy Tiktok likes and other high-quality followers to prepare.

Get Prepared For Social Media Trends

Social media trends come and go quickly, so it pays to be one step ahead of the curve. Add these trends to your marketing plan soon, so you are not left behind when the time comes.

If you enjoyed our article, we have many more to help you out. From marketing to technology, we can help your business grow in the digital economy.


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