Accessing the Economically Powerful Asian American Market


Recent data from Pew Research Center and Nielsen about Asian American high purchasing power and growing population in the United States has impressed many advertisers and marketers. As of 2018, the buying power of Asian American is $986 billion, making them the fastest growing group in the United States. The market is still growing and estimated to reach $1.3 trillion by 2022. Asian American has become one of the most important multicultural communities for marketers. And of course, everyone wants a piece of this promising niche market and iTalkBB Media is here to tell you HOW.

With such powerful purchasing power, agencies, brands and local businesses should invest more advertising budget to appeal to this fast-growing ethnic group, in order to expand their customer base within the Asian American community. Many found it difficult to connect with Asian Americans because they are less unified than other groups due to the differences in languages and customs throughout different sub-Asian groups, but this creates the opportunity for advertisers and marketers to target niche groups and increase audience accuracy rates. In order to capture their attentions and build multicultural marketing strategy, advertisers and Marketers need to partner with a brand that understands the needs and wants of the community. For more than 15 years, iTalkBB has been providing products and services tailored to our 1.2 million subscribers and developed a strong influential bond with the Asian community across North America. With the help of iTalkBB Media, advertisers and marketers can easily connect with this promising market and gain insights to develop successful multicultural strategies to increase sales, build brand awareness and expand market size via our platforms.

In 2018, iTalkBB announced a strategic partnership with Verizon Fios to provide the highest quality Asian TV content to more Asian Americans to help Verizon build trust with the Asian American community. Verizon Fios targeted Asian Americans age 18 by sponsoring one of iTalkBB TV’s hottest dramas of the year, Ruyi Royal Love in The Palace. The TV commercial has reached thousands of Asian households, and the Verizon Fios logo was displayed on promotion posters at iTalkBB retail stores in highly concentrated Asian American population areas with very high foot traffic per day. In order to build connection and show appreciation toward Asian cultures, Verizon Fios sponsored iTalkBB’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2018 and celebrated the most important Asian Holiday with iTalkBB audiences.

As the number one Asian TV content provider in North America, iTalkBB Media is proud to help agencies, brands and local businesses to effectively target the Asian community in a meaningful way with our unique advertising solutions. iTalkBB Media can provide addressable and measurable advertising services and productively maximize the brand exposure to the Asian community across the nation or selected DMAs. In addition, iTalkBB Media provides advertising opportunities at iTalkBB product retail stores, official websites, Asian American Community, etc. for advertisers and marketers to showcase their respect and appreciation for the community at a larger scale.

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