States with Least and Most Powerful Voters this Election Cycle


With the midterm election just a few weeks away and voters’ influence varying across state lines, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2018’s States with the Most & Least Powerful Voters for the Midterms as well as accompanying videos.

WalletHub compared the relative clout of 2018 voters in swinging the Senate, House and gubernatorial races. In order to make such a comparison, we calculated a Voter Power Score for each state and for each type of election.

States with the Most Powerful Voters in House Elections States with the Most Powerful Voters in Senate Elections
1 West Virginia 1 North Dakota
2 New Mexico 2 Montana
3 Minnesota 3 Wyoming
4 Maine 4 Vermont
5 Utah 5 Alaska
6 Kansas 6 South Dakota
7 Illinois 7 Delaware
8 Michigan 8 Rhode Island
9 Pennsylvania 9 Maine
10 Ohio 10 New Hampshire


States with the Most Powerful Voters in Gubernatorial Elections
1 Alaska
2 South Dakota
3 Wyoming
4 Vermont
5 Maine
6 New Hampshire
7 North Dakota
8 Delaware
9 Montana
10 Rhode Island

To view the full report and your state’s ranking, please visit:

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