Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max: a Minimum of Effort to Stay on Top


2019 is a transition year for the iPhone. Logically, the largest model of Apple, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, evolves at the margin. However, some novelties are welcome, especially on the side of autonomy.


The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are in line with their predecessors, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. However, the fierce competition in the smartphone market pushes Apple has tried to hang up its cars to a train pulled by Samsung and Huawei, but also by manufacturers like Xiaomi or Oppo. The iPhone 11 Pro Max’s mission is to erase the gaps, especially in photo, without giving up the strengths of Apple.

A goal all the more difficult that – even if it has not increased this year – the price of the iPhone 11 Pro Max serves as a massive deterrent. The 11 Pro Max starts at € 1,259 in 64 GB, € 1,429 in 256 GB and even € 1,659 in 512 GB.

Ergonomics and design

In this year 2019, no big upheaval in the design of the new iPhone. The iPhone 11 Pro Max takes the lines of the iPhone Xs Max in large widths. The largest Apple iPhone deserves its qualifier “Max” with its huge screen 6.5 inches diagonally. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is far from easy to handle with one hand, despite a screen front occupancy rate of more than 85%.

The absence of a change of design implies the conservation of the notch at the top of the screen. When most smartphone manufacturers have reduced it to the state of “drop of water” or made it disappear in favour of retractable mechanisms, Apple is blocked. Indeed, the iPhone 11 Pro Max uses as its predecessors facial recognition technology Face ID. A device that requires space to fit sensors that intervene in the unlocking of the iPhone through our face. Clutter certainly, Face ID is at the moment the system of this kind the most powerful of the market. Its operation is very fast and relatively transparent to the use. He finds some limits obviously when the face is masked by a scarf or a particular position. In this case, the good old 6-digit code prevails.

The finishes of the iPhone 11 Pro Max which is loved by forex traders, are just like what is usually found at Apple, namely excellent. The brilliant back of the previous iPhone generation has been replaced by a matte finish. The set is elegant and has the merit of less highlight fingerprints. On the other hand, the arrangement of the photo modules on the back of the camera is open to debate. The 3 modules are placed in a slightly protruding square that is clearly not everyone’s taste.

Deeply buried by Apple, the 3.5mm mini jack is missing and the iPhone 11 Pro Max retains its brand-specific Lightning connector. For USB-C, you will need to iron. Pity, in the apple brand tradition, the microSD port is not on the program. In addition to the usual nano-SIM port, the iPhone 11 Pro Max includes an eSIM port, still very little used in France. Good news for clumsy people and activity lovers in an aqueous environment, the 11 Pro Max attests to IP68 certification more than usual. Apple’s smartphone resists dust and swimming up to 4 meters deep for 30 minutes.


No mini-jack 3.5 mm so no test of the audio output for this iPhone 11 Pro Max. The quality of the sound will depend directly on the material, wired or not, used for listening. The Lightning adapter to mini-jack 3.5 mm is not back, it costs about ten euros to offer its services.

The speakers of the iPhone 11 Pro Max evolve to provide better specialization. The smartphone has a Dolby Atmos certification, which obviously does not equal the same name given to home-cinema speakers worthy of the name. However, it must be recognized that the effort is paying off and that the specialization of sound is excellent. We can use these speakers without difficulty to watch a series episode from time to time.


Max’s screen may be bigger and better defined than the iPhone 11 Pro, we see similar results for both devices. In summary, Apple offers one of the best Oled screens in the smartphone market; an appreciable constant.


In terms of performance, the A13 Bionic chip of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is exemplary. Again, Max’s results are similar to those of 11 Pro.


In photo, Apple has passed a course by adding a 3rd module to its iPhone 11 Pro Max. From now on, the smartphone of Apple can count on the following team:

Main module with 12 megapixel sensor and stabilized optics (eq 26 mm) opening at f / 1.8

  • A “2x zoom” module with 12 megapixel sensor and stabilized optics (52 mm eq) opening at f / 2
  • An “ultragrand-angle” module with 12 megapixel optical sensor (13 mm eq) opening at f / 2.4

Here too, the performance of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is similar to that of the iPhone 11 Pro. Overall, the smartphone with the apple is among the excellent students of the discipline.


The iPhone Xs Max positioned itself as a very enduring smartphone. Apple has tweaked its recipe to put the iPhone 11 Pro Max one step further. The Cupertino Company has a 5 hour increase in autonomy compared to the previous generation. Locking iOS prevents us from performing the same test as on Android smartphones, we use here our good old video playback protocol on Netflix. In this exercise, we actually see an improvement in the score of the iPhone 11 Pro Max compared to that of the Xs Max. The last giant Apple has held no less than 15 h 41 min video playback. In practice, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is an excellent ally for those who wish to reach the two full days without recharging their smartphone. A very solid performance.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max comes with a power supply 18 W allowing it – finally! – to take advantage of the fast charge. In 30 minutes, the Pro Max goes from 0 to 57% and it takes 1 hour 20 minutes to recharge completely.


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