Conspiracies and the Removal of the Federal Prison Chief After Epstein’s Suicide


The Daily Caller reports “Attorney General William Barr replaced acting Bureau of Prisons Director Hugh Hurwitz Monday, days after Jeffrey Epstein died in federal custody.

“’I have asked Mr. Hurwitz to return to his responsibilities as assistant director of BOP’s reentry services division, where he will work closely with me in overseeing the implementation of one of the Department’s highest priorities, the First Step Act,’ Barr said in a statement.”

“Barr replaced Hurwitz with former BOP Director Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, who served as bureau director from 1992 to 2003. Monday’s appointment is the second time Barr has selected Sawyer to lead the BOP — he was attorney general when she was selected for the post in the waning days of the first Bush administration. Thomas Kane will serve as Sawyer’s deputy.”


This announcement should become serious fodder for conspiracy theorists about both what happened and what will happen next.  The following are just a few possibilities:

  • The Trump Administration has been under constant scrutiny over the use of “acting” officials in high positions. How vetted was Hurwitz? Was that “acting” capacity a contributor to the Epstein suicide?
  • The medical examiner’s report on Epstein strongly indicates that his death was due to death by hanging. However, there has been little information about his toxicology report from the medical examiner. In fact, there are references to a toxicology report, but none about the findings (at the time this article was written).  Will those results change the narrative? What if his suicide happened because of drugs he was under, some will likely speculate?
  •  There will be a great deal of interest about the career of Hurwitz going forward. Many will find him being moved, and not fired, unacceptable. Many will be interested to see how his career unfolds over time. The conspiracy theorists will likely speculate he could get some “payoff” later from some “suspicious means” that is in their imaginations, but without any proof to back it up.  At this point, no accusations have been made, and there is not even alleged activity, but don’t doubt the imagination of conspiracy theorists.
  • Epstein’s death is not just a closing of one chapter, but the likely creation of a new chapter that will be discussed for years from now. 


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