Will Don Lemon Become the Star of a New Series — “Everybody Hates Don”?


The entertainment industry is known for its propensity to push boundaries, but the idea of former CNN anchor Don Lemon starring in a comedy TV series called “Everybody Hates Don” seems to take things to a whole new level. On the other hand, it also seems to make perfect sense. In light of Lemon having no defenders among liberals or conservatives, Lemon has developed a reputation for being polarizing, racist, and sexist, making such a show appear as if it is almost a natural fit. He certainly has plenty of time on his hands and there is zero talk of future prospects.

The semi-autobiographical comedy series would center around the life of Lemon, played by himself, as he navigates the world leading up to this departure from CNN and the adventures that follow.  Though inspired by “Everybody Hates Chris,” the show would take on a similar tone to the hit series “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” with Lemon playing a version of himself that serves as a lightning rod for controversy. He would not be an exaggerated caricature, but simply Don being Don.

The show’s premise would see Lemon struggling to adapt to life outside of the newsroom, where he is no longer shielded by the facade of impartiality that is expected of journalists. Something most argued that Lemon did not even have the facade. Instead, he finds himself forced to confront the very issues that he was once accused of perpetuating.

Lemon has been accused of being polarizing due to his tendency to take a strong stance on controversial issues, often alienating those who do not share his views. In “Everybody Hates Don,” this tendency would be only slightly exaggerated, with Lemon taking even more extreme positions on various topics in an effort to generate controversy and boost his profile. The opinions of any that are not gay, black, or male will be completely ignored, attacked or discredited.

The show would also delve into the accusations of racism and sexism that have been leveled against Lemon. Rather than shying away from these allegations, the series would lean into them, using them as a source of humor and satire. Lemon’s character would be portrayed as being completely oblivious to his own biases, even as they are pointed out to him by those around him.  In other words the show will be more realistic than humor.

Of course, not everyone would find the idea of “Everybody Hates Don” to be amusing. Some would undoubtedly view the show as being in poor taste, given Lemon’s history of controversial statements and actions. Others might argue that the show only serves to legitimize Lemon’s behavior and provide him with a platform to further spread his controversial views. But that is unlikely if they let Don be himself.

However, there are also those who would argue that the show is exactly what the entertainment industry needs right now. With so much of our media landscape being dominated by partisan voices, a show that takes a satirical approach to these issues could serve as a much-needed breath of fresh air. Those sharing such a view would likely be those financially dependent on Lemon in some say.  However, when one thinks of Lemon it is not unusual to see him as a gay and black version of Archie Bunker, in terms of his intolerance and extreme views. Who knows, maybe he will be just as funny as Bunker because, like Bunker, he would be the only one taking himself seriously.

Moreover, one would think there is a certain level of self-awareness that is required for Lemon to even consider taking on a project like this. He would need to be willing to acknowledge his flaws and the criticisms that have been leveled against him, and to be able to laugh at himself and the situation he finds himself in.  Then again, maybe all that is necessary is to write in a way that Lemon doesn’t realize he is the butt of the jokes. That doesn’t seem like a stretch to most people.

In some ways, “Everybody Hates Don” could be seen as a form of redemption for Lemon. By owning up to his mistakes and poking fun at himself, he could potentially win back some of the goodwill that he has lost over the years.  Although one shouldn’t hold their breadth on that.

At the same time, the show could also serve as a cautionary tale for others in the media who have allowed their personal biases and opinions to cloud their judgment. By highlighting the absurdity of some of the positions that Lemon has taken in the past, the series could encourage others to take a more measured and balanced approach to reporting the news. One should apply caution before betting on such a prospect, however.

Overall, the idea of Don Lemon starring in a comedy TV series called “Everybody Hates Don” is certainly a controversial and humorous one. However, there is no denying that it would be a bold move for Lemon, and one that could potentially have a positive impact on the media landscape as a whole. Only time will tell if the show ever comes to fruition, but one thing is for sure: it would be a conversation starter, to say the least.  That is something his journalism rarely achieved, except in the worst possible ways.


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