Easy Do-It-Yourself Renos that Increase Your House Value


When you look at homes for sale in lucrative markets such as Toronto, it is sometimes incredible to think that sellers will be able to get the outrageous price at which they list their properties. Given the right market conditions, prospective buyers may actually engage in bidding wars and end up paying more than what the property was originally listed for, but only if there are reasons to do so beyond speculation.

To successfully list homes or condos for sale, you need to impress house hunters at least twice. First impressions are crucial, which is why you must ensure that the photographs taken for the Multiple Listing Service are eye-catching. Once the listing convinces prospects to tour the property, you will have another chance to impress them again, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by showing off something you have done to make the deal appear more enticing. In other words, you need to complete one or more renovation projects; the ones listed below are the kind you can do on your own, and you will not have to spend too much.

Interior or Exterior Paint

While it is true that many home buyers will end up repainting properties at some point after the closing, they will appreciate seeing a fresh coat of carefully applied paint even if it is not necessarily their favorite color. Painting is an incredibly cost-effective home improvement, particularly if it is done meticulously. You can never go wrong with painting the interior. As for the outside, you can decide based on how the properties next to yours look; if your sales price is at or below the market average, you may not have to worry about it. Take your time learning how to prep the surfaces, tape the edges, and create accents; doing all this will really pay off in the end. And if you want experts to do the painting for you, you can find local painters from your area and search for everything you need to know about painters in Houston, TX .

Reasonable Home Staging

All real estate listings should be staged to a certain degree. Some Realtors offer staging as a value-added service that requires a budget, but you can also do this on a DIY basis. The goal is to prepare your property in a way that will appeal to buyers with deeper pockets. You will want to start off by decluttering, deep cleaning, and making sure that the kitchen appliances are in good working order and look spotless. Family photos and anything else that looks like personal items should be removed. At the same time, you will want to go easy on the decorations; the idea is to stage the living room and kitchen in a way that they resemble photographs from the pages of Architectural Digest. Plants, flowers, and essential oil diffusers are home staging elements you should not ignore.

Freshen Up Cabinets

Resurfacing the cabinetry in your kitchen or bathrooms is something that you do on your own if you do some online research. Hardwood surfaces are easy to sand down and improve with staining or varnish, but you can always play it safe and paint them white. Pay a visit to your local home improvement store and shop around for knobs and handles for cabinet doors and drawers; you would be surprised how easy they are to install.

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