Flower 101: How to Arrange Them to Perfection in Your Home

One of the big things in real estate at the moment is staging.

If you’ve read any sort of guide on the topic, you’ll know that it comes in all shapes and forms. One such form, is flowers.

However, it’s certainly not the case of picking any bunch and placing them in any random position in the room. This is simply going to look un-coordinated and do nothing for your interior décor scheme.

Instead, you need to invest a little thought into the process. Through today’s article, we are going to mull over four important points that you need to factor in if you are thinking about buying flowers for your home and ultimately, jumping onto the staging bandwagon with both feet.

Make sure you have enough space

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to arranging flowers is attempting to “squeeze” them into the last remaining space in your room.

For example, a common destination is a sideboard. However, if you don’t have sufficient space on your sideboard, don’t try and make space. If you try and go this way, your room will get introduced to the dreaded ‘clutter’ term and your staging efforts are well and truly out of the window.

Should you use single stems or bunches?

Once again, there’s no right answer, and it just depends.

We mentioned the term ‘clutter’ in the previous question, and this should also come into play for this next point.

Put simply, if you are trying to place your flowers in a space that is bordering crowded, the single stem option might suffice. Meanwhile, if the destination is a little barer, consider bunches which can add some much-needed volume to proceedings.

If you are still in two minds about which way to go with this question, take a look at Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers have inspiration for many different scenarios (including the classic single stem versus bunches debate), and their Pinterest page is a goldmine of examples. Here is a link to the Avas Flowers Pinterest page for more info.

What are the best color flowers for my home?

In short, it doesn’t matter, and personal preference is key. For example, some people might classify themselves as “bluer” (or, insert any color of your choice) than others.

With that being said, you might decide to sway with seasonality. This means that when it comes to the fall, consider a more earthy palette. Then, when summer arises, go for brightness.

What about matching colors and furniture?

The main thing you need to avoid is making sure that your flowers and furniture don’t clash.

For example, if you have a modern living room which is filled with bright, bold colors, having flowers of a similar tone might be overkill. Sure, try and get subtle undertone matches, but try and stop short from matching your flowers with the wall color. Everything will blend into one and the effect will be lost.

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