London is a fantastic city and is a cultural beacon drawing in millions of people from around the world… Or at least it will be in the future. Whist the city takes a break from the usual hustle and bustle, as a local, why don’t you look into some alternative ways to get around the city. Yes, the tube is easy, but it comes with its flaws: the sights aren’t that good, people tend to be miserable, and it’s a little bit hot down there. There are lots of other ways to travel around London, from sky rides to horse and cart, but a more practical option might be the moped. Before you jump to conclusions and write it off let’s explore why a moped might be the way forward… see what happened there?


You might think that using the tube would be more cost-effective, but a moped works out cheaper for you in the long run. Scan moped for sale London adverts from dealers. The initial purchase might cost you more on the day than the cost of a tube ticket, but long-term, you’ll be laughing. Further, insurance is next to nothing for mopeds, so you avoid the extortionate congestion charges imposed on cars, and parking in allocated bays is mostly free.

Get to Know Your City

When you live in London and use the tube to get about, you probably know your way around your destination and the area around your home – but what about the rest of it? Using your moped to travel means you get to see more sights than the inside of a black tube and monotonous platforms. Who knows, you might even find new places you never knew existed. Plus, Imagine how blissful it would be to travel over the Thames on a summer’s day with the breeze in your face, knowing that you could have been sardined in a hot sweatbox underground.

You Can Go Your Own Way

Strip away from the manic rush of the underground, the delays of the bus, or the numerous engineer work putting a pin in your plans. Using a moped, you get to make the rules to an extent and travel where you want, at your own pace. What’s more, you can use some of the many bus lanes in the City – just make sure you read the signage.

Get Out Clause

Obligatory Friday night drinks can be fun from time to time but sometimes you just need an excuse to get out of there. Enter moped – you can’t drink tonight because you’re driving, and you definitely can’t act as a taxi to the entire office on your handy two-wheeler.

There you have it, just four of the many benefits of getting yourself a moped – we could go on about the few negatives but where would the fun in that be? If you find yourself agreeing, it might be time to ditch the public transport and say hello to a moped.

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