Email marketing is perhaps the most effective form of digital marketing. It boasts high engagement and consequently can help businesses to boost sales and brand awareness, as well as having other advantages. Here are a few of the top benefits of email marketing explained.

Targeted and personalized content

Perhaps the most significant benefit of email marketing is its personal nature. Through email, you have a direct line to your customers. You can use this to target specific customers or groups of customers with personalized content. Make sure to address your customers by name, rather than with generic greetings such as “Dear Customer,” as this helps to improve your business’ sense of personability and helps you to evade spam filters. Offer customers deals based on what they have purchased before or target different markets within your customer base. The personal nature of email makes it perfect for targeted marketing. is a useful tool for checking the personal information you have on your customers is accurate, which could help you avoid any mix ups in your personalization.

Brand recognition

Email marketing is a great way to build your reputation as a business. Emails from unfamiliar brands can be off-putting to customers and may well end up in their spam folder. However, a long-term email marketing campaign can help to build your company up to a more recognizable status. Customers will gradually begin to see your company as familiar and reliable when they see it pop up in their inbox. Use consistent formatting and include a logo in your email communications to help establish that familiarity further.

Customer feedback

Email is a great way for gaining insight into your customers’ thoughts about your business. Email surveys have one of the highest engagement rates of any form of customer feedback, and can provide highly accurate and detailed data. This is because people receiving your emails are likely already interested in your company and therefore are happy to contribute their feedback. Feedback is an invaluable part of any business, as it can help you to figure out what is working and what isn’t. Insights into customers’ thoughts on your business are highly valuable, and luckily are fairly easy to attain through email marketing.

Boost sales

MarketingWeek found that email marketing creates $37 billion retail sales each year. A large chunk of this revenue comes from promotional email offers, as these have high click-through rates. Email is a highly effective way to communicate the sales and promotions your business has on, and can increase your sales and web traffic considerably.

Improved customer relationships

Due to its personal and private nature, email is a great tool for improving your relationships with customers. Personalized emails help to create a friendly, customer-orientated reputation for your brand and can be tailored to appeal to different target markets within your customer base. You can also use email to directly talk to your customers one on one and to address any issues or comments they may have.


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