Networking Events Don’t Have To Be Boring – Here’s Why


It’s true. While many networking events are better at putting their guests to sleep than creating an environment where they might want to do business, all hope is not lost.

With a pinch of imagination and a lot of enthusiasm, your networking experiences can be transformed. Here are some exciting ways you can inject a bit of fun into your networking:


Do Some Sightseeing

Many networking events take place in another town or a different state or region. Sometimes they’re even in another country. Use the long journey as an opportunity to do some traveling. Visit local landmarks, take in some culture, or just lay waste to the best bars in town after the event is finished.


Networking isn’t just about getting leads. It’s about expanding your horizons, stepping out of your comfort zone, and seeing life from someone else’s perspective. Go out, chat to locals, interact with a whole new community, and find fresh ways to solve your business problems.


It’s sure to liven up your experience, and you’ll be more receptive to new ideas, which, after all, is the point.


Bring A Friend Along

Double points if your friend is a colleague too. While you’ll want to split off to speak to fresh faces and make a good impression off your own back, there is always safety in numbers. Apart from it giving you some much-needed company in a lonely environment, it also gives your prospects the impression you’re someone worth knowing. It’s pure social proof.


You could even go further by making things competitive. Set yourself the target of meeting more people and making more leads than your colleague. It’s a silly challenge, but you’ll be amazed at how fun (not to mention effective) a little competition can be.


If you have a family, bring them along too. You’ll have your loved ones around you and become the most popular parent/partner ever for suggesting a surprise holiday.


Join A Club

Not all networking is conducted in such a blatant way. Actually, the majority of it is done while out enjoying a hobby. It makes perfect sense. Most people are at their most open and relaxed when they’re having fun doing something they love. Fast Lane Drive is one such club. Gathering supercar loving entrepreneurs together to share their passion on car rallies, the event injects some excitement into networking and proves that getting business people together can be far from boring.


Do Something Practical

Networking doesn’t have to be all seminars and snacks. Getting out in the open air, or simply getting your blood pumping, is enough to relax everyone enough to get you chatting.


Team-building events are increasingly popular, and while these are mostly used by company directors to get to know their staff, it’s a fun way to befriend your colleagues and perhaps some new business partners.



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