The Most Popular Tattoo Design Trends Seen Through 2020


 From David Beckham to Johnny Depp, Rihanna to Katy Perry, the high-profile exposure of tattoos has never been greater and “getting inked” is now more popular than ever.


Today, tattoos have almost become a must-have fashion item and a way of making a bold personalized statement expressing who we are—which perhaps explains why people often find it a challenge trying to decide on which design to choose.


What if I want to change or remove a tattoo?


While selecting a design can be tricky, it’s worth remembering there are now far more options available should you want to change your tattoo at a later date. Studios such as Counterpunch Tattoo Removal offer redesign, fading, or removal services, meaning you can change or remove a tattoo further down the line.


Nonetheless, it’s clearly better if you choose the right design first time around, so here are some of the most popular design trends seen through 2020—styles that are likely to carry well into next year and beyond:


Black ink with minimalist designs: Old-style, black-line tattoo design has been very on-trend this year, allowing plenty of space for blocks of color in-between (think similar to a child’s coloring book). Also, by way of added benefit—and contrary to what you might think—deep-black inks are easier to remove or fade with laser treatment should you want to make changes later.


Mixing colors: Colors—and, in particular, pastel colors—have made a huge impact through 2020 and they’re a style trend likely to last well into 2021 and beyond. Mixing colors into a bold, black-ink base design can have a dramatic impact, giving a truly unique design.


Korean art: Korean calligraphy and artwork have proved extremely popular throughout the year and look like being on-trend through 2021 too. Try taking a Korean base design and mixing it up with a healthy dose of color to make a unique design that’s personal to you.


Designs that accentuate body parts: As the popularity of tattoos has increased and more of us are getting inked, people are becoming bolder about where they place designs. Consequently, there has been an increasing trend for more visible tattoos, often intended to bring attention to, or accentuate, specific body parts (e.g. on the collarbone or a tattoo between the shoulder-blades following the contours of the bone).


Seemingly innocuous designs that are personal to the owner: In days gone by, people tended to favor bold, instantly recognizable artwork but there is an increasing trend towards subtler, apparently random or innocuous artwork. Of course, to the wearer, these items can hold special significance—perhaps a private joke, a special dedication, or a secret message.


Larger tattoos and more thorough planning of placement: Anyone getting a tattoo will obviously have put in a lot of planning, but there has also been a trend in recent years to plan ahead how individual tattoos might look next to one another on the body as a whole. In line with this, larger tattoos are also becoming more common, again often to work with the contours of the body.


Millions of us are going under the tattoo artist’s pen every year to get our favorite design or moniker imprinted on our skin forever. Before choosing your design, check online for tattoo blogs or Pinterest pages to find inspiration and don’t be afraid to borrow elements from other designs you like. By inserting a splash of color or a slight change to an existing design, you can end up with print all of your own, personalized 100% to you.


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