Change the World: A Revolutionary Guide to Making an Impact



Are you struggling to define your purpose in life?

You’re not alone in your journey.

Studies reveal that struggling with purpose creates distress, leading to “purpose anxiety.” Having a sense of purpose increases resiliency in life, and you’ve already taken your first step.

Making an impact is an excellent way to discover your purpose. You also have a real opportunity to improve lives and conditions along the way.

Purpose starts with passion, so your next step is to find a path that speaks to you.

Follow these tips to unlock your purpose and change the world.

What Inspires You?

Pause and think about what inspires you the most. It could be anything, like a beautiful sunset or a compelling story.

Next, brainstorm ways to make an impact with these inspirations.

For example, you could create gorgeous sunset paintings and donate your artistic creations. You could research compelling stories of adversity and connect people with much-needed resources.

Do pets and endangered species inspire you?

You can make a positive impact through animal shelters, wildlife nonprofits, and conservation projects.

Next, find an organization that relates to your passion and ask if they need volunteers. Volunteering is a stepping stone toward making the world a better place.

Research Thought Leaders

Millions of people are trying to promote change, just like yourself. There are many thought leaders who can steer you in the right direction.

For example, if you’re passionate about science, discover the story of John Arnold. This young philanthropist is dedicating his life to science reform and ridding the community of flawed research.

Do you want to do something to help the planet?

Check out the latest projects by Leonardo DiCaprio. The Hollywood icon is one of the world’s leading environmentalists and climate change activists. His foundation, documentaries, website, and social media are excellent starting points.

DiCaprio regularly champions Greta Thunberg, a young environmental activist from Sweden. Her viral protests and UN speeches are inspiring an entire generation of young climate activists.

Become a Leader

Do you want to lead by example?

Years of volunteering are excellent preparation for leadership. Volunteering could also lead to a full-time nonprofit career.

Prove your leadership skills by taking the initiative in your volunteer role. Ask how you can contribute to the organization even more. You could also take online courses in nonprofit management.

Let your career and purpose collide to create a more fulfilling future!

How Businesses Are Making an Impact

You don’t have to break into the nonprofit world to make a positive impact. Businesses are also looking for ways to promote change.

Companies make positive impacts through sustainable practices, inclusive work cultures, and community involvement. These strides are generating more corporate jobs in human resources, impact leadership, and green management.

Your volunteering experience is an asset. Don’t forget to include it on your corporate resume and Linkedin.

Make an Impact Today

Don’t wait to change the world. Start making an impact in your community.

Find something that inspires you, research resources, volunteer, discover your leadership qualities, and help businesses that need your expertise.

Check out the blog for even more helpful tips and tricks.

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