Natural gas is a type of fossil energy with many components, the main component being methane (CH4). The gas is found naturally under rocks, sand, silt, and the ocean floor. Natural gas is a crucial energy source that is taking over the world.

The following are the processes that are undertaken by liquefied natural gas suppliers to obtain the gas and deliver it to the final consumer;

  1. Production- It is the process of obtaining the gas from underneath the rocks, sand, silt, and from the ocean floor. Producers, such as Total, incorporate the latest technology, the latest one being subsea processing.
  2. Liquefaction- The natural gas is liquefied and kept in insulation tankers to be transported to different parts of the world.
  3. Regasification- The process of turning the LNG back to natural gas. The process is done once the LNG reaches its destination.

Some companies, a good example being Total, go the extra step of marketing and trading the natural gas. Natural gas provides an excellent alternative energy source to the power plants.

Why Is Natural Gas So Phenomenal?

In the world, we are experiencing so many issues due to CO2 emissions by coal. Natural gas offers a solution to all of these problems. International Energy Agency(IEA) says that if power plants could embrace natural gas instead of coal, CO2 emissions can reduce by 5Bt/y.

In addition to protecting our environment, the LNG has the following impeccable features;

  • It is the cleanest fossil fuel.
  • Natural gas is abundant.
  • It effectively complements with other renewable energy sources.

Key Takeaway

IEA states that in 2040, the only fossil energy used more than the natural gas will be coal. The expectation is that LNG’s market will grow annually by a rate of 5%. These stats mean that more power plants are turning to the use of natural gas. The latest technology is assisting companies in obtaining natural gas more efficiently, increasing the rate of production.

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