Important Guide for Staying Sober this July 4th


For the 15.1 million American adults with alcohol use disorder, some of the most popular drinking holidays, such as the Fourth of July, can be challenging to navigate in recovery. To help those in recovery prevent a relapse,, an American Addiction Centers resource, is offering a free sober survival guide this Independence Day.

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“For some people in recovery, being around others who are drinking excessively can be a trigger,” said Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, American Addiction Centers’ chief medical officer. “They may start reminiscing about their past alcohol use and even experience a neurochemical response that induces an intense craving for alcohol.”

A recent study found that Independence Day ranked number four out of the top 10 booziest holidays, with 33% of men and 24% of women reporting they binge drink on this day.

The sober survival guide includes three key features:

  • Five phone lock screen images featuring motivational recovery messages
  • A self checklist with advice on handling difficult situations for relapse prevention
  • A list of the top sober apps for connecting with the recovery community

“No matter how long someone has been in recovery, there is always a risk of relapse,” said Weinstein. “Addiction is a chronic disease that must be managed every day. We hope our toolkit will help them maintain their sobriety during a time that can be difficult. We are also here for those, who despite their best efforts, indulge in alcohol. We encourage those people to call us right away because even one drink can spiral into active addiction.” offers a 24-hour helpline for those who have relapsed and need help. For more information, call 1-888-ALCOHOL. The call is answered by an American Addiction Centers representative.

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