Why You Should Live in London Right Now


When we imagine what we want in life, all we need to reach our goals is the determination and the will to drive us to succeed. In the heart of London, the biggest opportunities, as big and bright as the red double decker buses, lay around each bustling street corner. In this city everything is right on your doorstep.

But why should you move to London?

The culture and tourism 

If you’ve ever visited this lively city, you will surely notice that each area is full of unique faces and places. The cultural vibrancy is like a warm invitation which is full of different surprises, from restaurants which offer a diverse approach to world foods and flavours. There is always a place to shop and take a break with a variety of locations to relax and stop for a drink. Those who prefer to escape, a stroll through the iconic Hyde Park, or the stunning views of the London Eye, there is always something to excite your senses.

Close to work and easy to get around 

We can all relate to wanting an easier life. The City of London has mastered the art of modern-day transport making it easy for you to travel to work. If you live outside of London, you can relate to the strenuous journeys in and out. In the centre of London, it’s as simple as hitting the underground or hiring a bike to get to the location of your desire. Now that sounds easier than three hours in the car each day. With such easy transport you will never miss an important meeting, even if that’s just with your friends in the pub.  

Everything at your doorstep 

We can all relate and understand the stress of modern-day living, so why would you not want to make living just a little easier? If you ever get the chance to live in one of the London’s luxurious rental apartments by London Serviced Apartments, then you’ll find everything is right at your doorstep. In the centre of all the action, you will always have an opportunity to see your favourite museums, discover new galleries, head to the royal parks and see the sights on a local tour bus. 

Preparing for your long-term goals

At some point in our everyday lives, there comes a time where we need to understand what our dreams and aspirations are. However, it is not always about recognising these dreams, but understanding how we will achieve our long-term goals. If elevating your dreams requires being close to work or just an amazing city, then now is the time to settle down by establishing your plans.

So why waste another moment? Is the City of London where you want to be? Are your ready to make your dreams come true. The city’s culture will thrill your senses. You’ll save hours of your life when living in the centre of the action, as in the heart of London everything is right on your doorstep.

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