From Being a Small Town Boy to Traveling Nomad- Pranav Das


How far would they be willing to go for a dream? Many people feel that they are not in the right place, but they still do meaningless work over and over again. Would you dare to leave everything you’ve built to go in search of your dreams like Pranav Das did?

World travel is one of the most rewarding experiences lived for those who love to explore cultures. However, when you have a professional career and a stable job, it is difficult to leave everything to run behind a hunch. The courage and work of blogger Pranav Das are one of the most beautiful stories for those who start a dream.

Pranav Das pursued a career in computer engineering that allowed him to land a steady job for a living. However, the questions that came to his mind were to establish how to live a travel dream in freedom. Tired of not getting the right answers, he quit his MNC job in Kolkata in 2015 to join his big dream.

It was not easy for Pranav Das to make a different story out of his life, but today it was worth it. In the present, if you are looking for Pranav Das anywhere in the world, he will be the Best Indian travel blogger. His early age has been well used to visit hundreds of places in India, managing to position himself as the best.

Pranav’s passion is due to the discovery of a world full of surprises hidden in blogs. Since leaving his job, he has dedicated himself to sharing his travel passions with other people around the world. The best way to reach many people is through the internet, managing to leave a legacy of passion and adventure.

What is The Legacy Of Life You Can Find By Following Pranav Das On His Blogging Career?

Getting a person with a specialty is easy; how difficult will it be to get a passionate traveler like Pranav Das. His audacity has gone from being an ordinary employee to becoming the owner of an extraordinary dream to travel. Until 2020 Pranav has millions of followers who have found in their blogs the passion for traveling to India.

Nature is the place where you can experience spiritual growth that enhances the beliefs of your ancestors. In this sense, Pranav is a free spirit that complements the environment and gives you legacies of passion. It doesn’t matter what you decide to do with your life if you do it with the delivery of Pranav you have proven to have.

Traveling alone is one way that adventurous people do to get a bit of their very essence. Pranav Das shows that his true passion has always been to travel the world and share his experiences with people like you. Not only having a blog has been part of Pranav’s legacy, but also his travel agency.

New travelers who want to know the experiences of a man with passion and love can follow Pranav Das.

Final Words

Pranav Das lived the dream of many people; he managed to have a travel blog where thousands of people in the world can marvel at his experiences. Learn to travel with little money and visit the most beautiful places in the world.

Thanks to the professional career and passion of Pranav Das, today, you can see with faith that dreams come true. The magazines where he comes out with his young age support each of Pranav’s successes by giving others opportunities to dream.

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