How Liberals and Conservative do Holiday Shopping


 Level 7 Market Research, an independent market research firm based in Rochester, N.Y., revisits its 2016 study of Clinton and Trump supporters approached the holidays with a new nationwide study. The 2018 results take a look at how the Left and the Right are celebrating this holiday season.

“After the ‘Blue Wave,’ we decided to take another look at how supporters on both sides of the aisle are approaching the holidays. Have things changed? Which side is feeling more optimistic this year?” said John Richelsen, founder and senior managing partner, Level 7 Market Research. “We wanted to know if behaviors have changed and, in a still-divided nation, if there were other differences beyond who we supported at the polls. Plus, it’s pretty entertaining.”

The study was conducted just prior to Thanksgiving, and those polled were asked a number of questions specific to the holiday season; including who is shopping when, how much they plan to spend, to re-gift or not to re-gift, thoughts on watching football, who they’re most looking forward to celebrating with, and many more. The final report features dozens of revealing statistics and insights. Some key findings include:

  • President Trump isn’t the only one who re-gifts. Nearly 2/3rds of Americans are at least somewhat in favor of giving that special gift to someone else.
  • Those on the Left were 32% more likely to be celebrating with friends this year while those on the Right were 43% more likely to be attending a religious service.
  • Talk about impulse shopping! If you voted Blue, you’re 70% more likely to pick up something for yourself while holiday shopping than those who stand on the Red side.
  • Trump supporters were 4 times more likely to say they won’t watch football due to anthem protests.

“The study reveals some great insights for marketers, including intel what’s on their wish lists, and how and when they’re shopping,” said Richelsen. “And it’s some fun information to bring a smile to your face.”

The report is available for free at:

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