How Powerful Women and Girls Connect through Marketing Around the World


In recent years, women have been meeting together at conventions to share ideas, collaborate, and network. With similar visions, aspirations, attitudes, or job titles, these gatherings are bringing women together in an industry that still statistically has a gender gap. Read on to learn what these women are sharing:

1. Reaching Professional Goals.  Achieving professional goals are a struggle for many, which is why groups of women are connecting to lend a helping hand. In these groups, topics commonly discussed include:

    • Debating new ways to collaborate, as well as increase teamwork among members of the group.
    • Career advancement, tips on achieving coveted senior and C-level positions.
    • Balancing professional life with personal life, raising a family as a professional.
    • Personal issues, such as relationships and health.

With the ever-increasing use of technology, women are coming together because of the increase in the desire to connect with others. Showing empathy towards others with similar backgrounds and daily lives connect and engage women in these professional groups.

2. Finding Best Common Practices.  Women CMOs have especially been benefiting from said gatherings. The world of marketing, similar to other industries, is continuously evolving, including common best practices to incorporate into marketing strategies. Carola Jain, Spartan Race CMO, agrees that the past decade has seen a turn in media and brand representation of women as objects to women as doers. The challenges faced by women marketers are similar across the board due to a change in customer expectations from brands. While these groups might contain women from several different industries, common themes are what keeps their bond so strong.

3. Networking. From mixers to alumni events, to full-scale conventions, networking is a great way to connect with other businesswomen. Carola Jain, Spartan Race CMO, and her team agree that from a business perspective, there’s no better way to meet other women in your industry than in face-to-face environments. While there are events catered to all genders in your industry, you will probably find that with a quick web search, there are many events designed exclusively for like-minded women.

Women and girls alike have been connecting around the world for quite some time. With the increases in technology, the advancement of professional roles and gender equality, and a desire to build a community to support one another, groups and gatherings have been increasing and gaining in popularity and will continue to do so in the future years.

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