Hussein Abdi’s International Development & Humanitarian Organization is Helping in Strengthening the Communities in East Africa


People have associated different meanings to the term ‘community development.’ Some people believe it revolves around stabilizing the economy, while some think it is about improving the living conditions by offering quality healthcare. There are people who associate the term with the emotional and spiritual well-being of a country, while others think it is building strong educational infrastructure. What people do not understand is that community development is a collective term that encompasses all these aspects. It is not just the economic factors that build a community. For a community to grow, it has to stand upon the foundations of quality education, reliable healthcare facilities, a stable home, emotional and spiritual stability, and employment.

It is a popular opinion that charity helps in the development of the community. It is essential to understand that charity mostly governs issues related to the economy of a community, which is not the only element that builds a community. In order to strengthen communities, the world needs something much more powerful than charity. What the world needs is people like Hussein Abdi Abdullahi, the founder and executive director of a philanthropic organization, the International Development & Humanitarian Organization (IDHO).

Hussein Abdi is an advocate of holistic community development. He believes that struggling communities need a system that can empower its youth. The youth of the country plays a key role in the growth of the community. A country that works to empower its younger generation and provides them the best opportunities to succeed has a better chance of establishing a stronger forefront on the international level. Hussein’s organization works on the concept of holistic community development with its focus on the well-being of the youth and the empowerment of young girls.

Taking Community Development, a Step Forward

The world needs to understand that financial assistance is not the only way to provide stable ground to struggling nations. Indeed, it does solve major issues, but everything that it does is temporary. In order to introduce sustainable growth in the country, it is crucial to introduce a system that provides long-term benefits. It is what makes the Washington-based non-profit and non-governmental organization stand out among all other non-profits, established by Hussein.

Hussein spent much of his early life in the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya at Garissa county. Living in refugee camps in challenging and not something anyone would want to experience. Yet, it was a relief as the condition in the Horn of East Africa were dangerous. His personal experiences instilled in him a passion for making things better for people struggling to access even the most basic needs in their lives. He completed his education and moved to the United States with his family.

After getting resettlement to the US, Hussein began working on his idea of improving the lives of the people living in weak communities in the Horn of East Africa. He was a firm believer in holistic community development, and he worked on his concept with ha. On October 22, 2016, Hussein launched his non-profit and non-governmental organization in Washington, International Development & Humanitarian Organization.

His organization works on the concept of holistic community development by addressing factors including education, health, and hygiene, sanitation, human rights, gender equality, food security, and youth empowerment. The organization is actively working in strengthening communities located in the horn of East Africa, including Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

The mission of the organization is to “provide the essentials of basic education and healthcare services to the Horn of Africa to bring sustainability in which all Africans can thrive.” IDHO’s focus is to encourage individual development because, as per Hussein, “development comes from the people themselves.” The foundation works to empower the individuals and equips them with the necessary skills that can help them contribute to the well-being of their community and the people. Not only this, but IDHO introduces programs that lead to the sustainable development of a community.

While charitable foundations and organizations focus on temporarily solving the problems of weak nations, it is philanthropists like Hussein and organizations such as IDHO that work to provide permanent solutions that can pave the way for an overall strong community. Addressing the issues momentarily bring short-lived peace and happiness, it is holistic and comprehensive solutions that lead the way for sustainable growth of nations.

Hussein, the founder of IDHO and the Children’s Rights Club (CRC) in Dadaab Refugee Camps, realizes the importance of developing a holistic solution for the well-being of weak communities. He is a philanthropist, social entrepreneur, human rights activist, and an advocate of community development. He currently studies International Relations and Diplomacy at American Public to further expand his vision. University (APU). And hopes to further his studies at Yale University. The 29-year-old Hussein is well-aware of all the elements that a community needs for sustainable growth as he was a part of such community during his early years.


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