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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Jeremy Murphy.

On a recent Price of Business, host Kevin Price discussed the hiring of Will Lewis at the Washington Post with former CBS TV Vice President Jeremy Murphy.

Will Lewis, the new publisher of the Washington Post, has a long relationship with conservative media. He began his career as a journalist at the Wall Street Journal, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Murdoch is a well-known conservative media mogul, and his newspapers have been criticized for their biased coverage.Lewis rose through the ranks at the Wall Street Journal, eventually becoming its publisher. During his time at the Journal, he oversaw a number of changes, including a shift to more digital content. He also led the Journal’s expansion into new markets, such as China.In 2017, Lewis left the Wall Street Journal to become CEO of Dow Jones, the parent company of the Journal. He left Dow Jones in 2021 to start his own media company, The News Movement.Lewis’s appointment as publisher of the Washington Post has raised concerns among some observers, who worry that he will use his position to promote conservative viewpoints. The Post is known for its liberal editorial stance, and it has been a frequent critic of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.However, it is unlikely that Lewis will have much editorial control at the Post. The Post’s editorial board is independent of the publisher, and it has a long history of publishing critical articles about conservative politicians and policies.In addition, Lewis has said that he is committed to maintaining the Post’s editorial independence. He has also said that he believes in the importance of a free press.

It is important to note that Lewis has had little editorial control in the past. At the Wall Street Journal, he was responsible for the business side of the operation. He did not have any direct say in the content that was published.

This is likely to be the case at the Washington Post as well. The Post has a strong editorial board that is independent of the publisher. It is unlikely that Lewis will be able to interfere with the board’s decisions.Overall, there is little reason to believe that Lewis will have much editorial control at the Washington Post. The Post is a well-established institution with a strong commitment to editorial independence.

According to a statement, “Jeremy Murphy is a sarcastic, embittered veteran of the media industry. Founder of 360bespoke, a respected boutique PR agency in New York, Murphy handles a full roster of clients in the lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and start-up fields. Previously, he was Vice President of Communications at CBS, where he worked for 14 years. There, he oversaw PR for many of its divisions and created its glossy magazine Watch. Murphy started as a journalist, working with Knight Ridder newspapers and Mediaweek. He is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University and lives in New York with his cat, Champers.”


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